Making Kids Our Nation's Top Priority

Federal Legislation

Kids' TV Has Rules. It's the Internet's Turn.
Much of the modern digital environment is designed by adults, for adults, to market and sell things. Despite the fact that children are avid users of browsers, games, social media, or easily... read more
Ariel Fox Johnson
Senior Counsel, Policy & Privacy
Improving COPPA: A Road Map for Protecting Kids' Privacy in 2020 and Beyond
We're only a few weeks into the new decade, and kids' privacy protections are already in focus for families and policymakers. Following a year where regulators started putting companies on notice,... read more
The Internet's "Safe Harbor" Is Not Safe for Kids
Download this explainer as a PDF. Each day, millions of children go online to view and interact with friends, fans, and strangers. But the anything-goes nature of the internet puts kids at risk on... read more
Branching out on STEM Education
Recently scientists and science enthusiasts were excited to witness the first ever image of a black hole, thanks to the good work of Dr. Katherine Bouman, a 29-year-old scientist who created the... read more
Quiz: Do You Know Kids' Privacy?
Kids' digital privacy is a hot topic these days, but did you know that kids have had special privacy protections online for 20 years? As families around the United States began to come online in the... read more
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Michael Robb
Senior Director of Research | Dad of two
Why We Need More (and Better!) Research on Kids and Tech
News about gaming disorders, depression linked to social media use, and the right amount of screen time can leave parents with more questions than answers when it comes to navigating what's best in... read more
Menudo, Mary Lou Retton, and "Schoolhouse Rock": Making the Case for a New Children's Television Act
Federal Communications Commissioner Michael O'Rielly is a fan of Schoolhouse Rock. His recent proposal to drastically curtail the Children's Television Act of 1990 relies on the premise that overly... read more
Congress Acts to Better Protect Kids' Privacy
By now, you've probably heard that, unlike Europe, the U.S. has no general privacy laws outside specific areas like health, education, or finance, which is largely true. But the U.S. does broadly... read more


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