Making Kids Our Nation's Top Priority

Federal Legislation

Taking Advantage of the Emergency Connectivity Fund
At the start of the pandemic, almost 16 million students and 400,000 teachers were left offline because they didn't have high-speed internet or an adequate device at home. Thanks to programs like E-... read more
The Digital Equity Act Invests in Digital Navigators to Help Close the Digital Divide
Many kids learn and socialize online, but the past year's pandemic has demonstrated just how important digital literacy and online connectivity are for families. While progress has been made in... read more
Behavioral Ads Are Bad for Kids
We have all learned that "free" comes at a price -- often, to our privacy.  For years, the costs of apps and services have been subsidized by their users' information, feeding an ad-supported model... read more
Will Congress and Tech Leaders Step Up to Help Keep Kids Safe Online?
In the wake of a tumultuous election and a yearlong pandemic, congressional leaders are examining with renewed focus the role technology plays in our society. This week, leaders from Facebook, Google... read more
New Research Shows Kids' Mental Health Tied to Online Experiences
March 2021 marks one year since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Over the course of the last 12 months, supporting students in the transition to remote learning has been a major concern for... read more
Huge Win to Connect Kids and Teachers at Home
When the pandemic forced 55 million schoolkids to learn from home, Common Sense went into action. We had known for years that millions of kids lacked adequate internet connections and computers at... read more
What Lawmakers Need to Know About Protecting Privacy
In the absence of a strong national privacy law, state houses across the United States have seen a flurry of bills that aim to provide new online and offline privacy rights to residents, better data... read more
Kids' TV Has Rules. It's the Internet's Turn.
Much of the modern digital environment is designed by adults, for adults, to market and sell things. Despite the fact that children are avid users of browsers, games, social media, or easily... read more
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