Florida Policymakers to Consider Student Privacy in 2016

Common Sense Kids Action supports Florida's efforts for much-needed student privacy. By JR Starrett
Florida Policymakers to Consider Student Privacy in 2016

Common Sense Kids Action is pleased to support SB 1146, introduced by Sen. Bill Montford, the Student Online Personal Information Protection Act (SOPIPA). This bill would provide much-needed protection and ensure the privacy and security of schoolchildren's personal and academic data in connected classrooms.

Florida schools are increasingly integrating computers, laptops, and tablets in the classroom and relying on cloud-computing services for a variety of academic and administrative functions. This technology, used wisely, has the vast potential to enhance and personalize student learning and to improve school efficiency. To realize this potential, we must ensure that students' personal information is protected. Through online platforms, mobile applications, digital courseware, and cloud computing, education-technology providers collect massive amounts of sensitive data about students, including contact information, performance records, online activity, health information, behavior and disciplinary records, eligibility for free or reduced-price lunch, and even cafeteria selections and whether or not students ride the bus to school. This personal student information is at risk.

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