Kids Are Watching the Debates, but the Debates Are Ignoring Kids

Kids Are Watching the Debates, but the Debates Are Ignoring Kids

Over the last two weeks, we've seen two debates (one each with the presidential and vice presidential candidates) that have failed to address issues vital to kids. Even worse, as our kids watch these debates, they have heard heated exchanges and strong language about racism and sexism.

We think the moderators of the debates can do a better job. And that's why we sent a letter to Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper to ask them to make kids a part of the discussion during the presidential debate they will moderate on Sunday, October 9.

We've asked Ms. Raddatz and Mr. Cooper to have kids in the audience so they can hear directly about how policies will affect them. We've also asked Ms. Raddatz and Mr. Cooper to ask specific questions about what the candidates will do for kids in their first 100 days.

Read our letter here and send us questions you'd like the candidates to answer during the next debate. The moderators have an opportunity to make sure kids are a part of this important national conversation.

Please join us in standing up for kids during the home stretch of the campaign.

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