Let's protect the privacy of California students

Let's protect the privacy of California students

Protecting student privacy and safety must be a priority for all of us, including our schools. That’s why it was so disturbing to read stories about a seven-year-old in Orinda who faced being removed from her school because of a secret and deceptive private investigation into where she lived.

In response to community outrage to the incident, the school district reversed its decision.

To help prevent such incidents in the future, Assembly Member Susan Bonilla has authored legislation, AB 1101, that Common Sense Kids Action is now supporting because it will protect students from questionable investigatory techniques. Asm. Bonilla’s bill strikes an appropriate balance between schools having the tools they need to investigate student residency issues and having safeguards in place to protect student privacy and safety. Here is our letter of support.  We hope you will join us.

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