Making Kids Our Nation's Top Priority


Danny Weiss
(Previously) Vice President of Federal Policy
Kids Action Opposes Efforts in Congress to Reduce Internet Access for Low-Income Kids
No good deed goes unpunished, as they say, and that can be true in public policy as in the rest of life.  As you may have read, Kids Action helped secure a major victory on behalf of helping all... read more
A Big Victory in Our Campaign for Broadband at Home for Low-Income Kids
Can you hear the digital divide closing? Today, the digital divide – that gap between those who can access the Internet and those who can’t, the gap that keeps millions of lower-income young kids... read more
Business Leaders Join Common Sense On Behalf of Lifeline Modernization
This past year, we've been working hard to help ensure all kids have access to high-speed Internet at home so all students can do their homework. We've been encouraging the Federal Communications... read more
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