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Poll: "Privacy Matters" for Parents and Teens on Social Media
Feeling overwhelmed by the news about Cambridge Analytica, Alexa mishaps, and Facebook "bugs"? Common Sense and SurveyMonkey recently polled parents and teens to learn more about how families view... read more
Move Fast and Fix Facebook for Kids
Update: June 11, 2018 In response to the recent Facebook data breach, Common Sense Kids Action filed a follow-up letter with the FTC asking that, as the FTC investigates the Cambridge Analytica data... read more
Jim Steyer
CEO and Founder | Dad of four
Kids Are Watching the Debates, but the Debates Are Ignoring Kids
Over the last two weeks, we've seen two debates (one each with the presidential and vice presidential candidates) that have failed to address issues vital to kids. Even worse, as our kids watch these... read more
What We Can Learn from Companies' COPPA Settlements
Few of us understand exactly all the ways advertisers and other third parties track us on the web, collecting lots of information that can be used to profile and target us with specific products and... read more
Congress Advances Bill That Would Weaken Consumer Protections for You and Your Kids
While many feel like Congress can't get anything done lately, it did find time before going on summer recess to support a bill that would hurt consumers. On July 14, the House Energy and Commerce... read more
Three Ways Congress Is Trying to Weaken Consumer Protections for You and Your Kids
Most of us have never heard of or had anything to do with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a small agency in Washington, D.C. But it plays a big role protecting consumers across the country, like... read more
Silicon Valley Meets Humanity
PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel likes his privacy. Angry at Gawker for discussing his sexuality in 2007, he paid $10 million in legal expenses to finance several lawsuits brought by others against the... read more
Kids Action Applauds Google for Banning Payday Lending Ads
Common Sense Kids Action and a coalition of partners has been raising concerns about the impact that high-interest payday lending has on children in low-income families, locking them into spiraling... read more


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