Michigan Needs to Keep Its Earned Income Tax Credit to Reduce Number of Kids Living in Poverty

We will continue to help Michigan preserve a tax credit that helps their low-income families. By JR Starrett
Michigan Needs to Keep Its Earned Income Tax Credit to Reduce Number of Kids Living in Poverty

Legislators from the Michigan House of Representatives have proposed the elimination of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), a 6 percent tax credit that helps more than 800,000 low-income working families and an estimated one million kids. The credit has the potential to pull 7,000 families out of poverty every year.

Common Sense Kids Action has joined the Michigan League of Public Policy in an effort to encourage lawmakers in Lansing to preserve the estimated $117 million that could be lost by Michigan families. You can learn more about the Michigan EITC and lend your voice to our efforts by visiting www.saveeitc.com

This is not the first time the EITC has been under threat in Michigan. In 2011, state lawmakers reduced the credit from 20 percent to 6 percent, reducing benefits to the state's lowest earners by an estimated $285 million.

Common Sense Kids Action has recently celebrated the creation of a California state EITC, signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in June. We believe that Michigan's families deserve the same access to this tax credit, and we will continue to work with partners and lawmakers to protect the Michigan EITC. 

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