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Privacy and Internet Safety

Jim Steyer
CEO and Founder | Dad of four
Will the California Legislature Demand That Tech Protect Kids' Privacy?
There is great news coming out of California for families concerned about digital well-being. A new bill, co-sponsored by Common Sense, has been introduced to help protect consumers' data privacy and... read more
Encryption Survey Reveals Urgent Need for Student Privacy
From preschool through the 12th grade, educators across the country are harnessing the power of technology to enrich their students' learning. But as we embrace the enormous benefits tech can bring... read more
Common Sense at the Digital Citizenship Summit
The team from Common Sense Kids Action joined nearly 200 other researchers, activists, and educators last week to discuss trends in digital citizenship at the Digital Citizenship Summit, hosted by... read more
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JR Starrett
(Formerly) Senior Director of National Advocacy
Model Policy for Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy in Public Schools
Common Sense Kids Action recognizes that media and technology have become commonplace in all areas of our lives. In our classrooms, students must learn how to safely, ethically, responsibly, and... read more
What We Can Learn from Companies' COPPA Settlements
Few of us understand exactly all the ways advertisers and other third parties track us on the web, collecting lots of information that can be used to profile and target us with specific products and... read more
Bill to Protect Young Learners Signed by CA Governor
Update: On September 24, 2016, California Governor Jerry Brown signed the Early Learning Privacy Information Protection Act (ELPIPA), protecting the online privacy of families and young learners... read more
Are your child's privacy and data at school safe?
Another school year begins. For kids, it's time for a few new school supplies, new classes, and new friends. For parents? It's time for permission slips to sign and other forms to read and fill out.... read more
Congress Advances Bill That Would Weaken Consumer Protections for You and Your Kids
While many feel like Congress can't get anything done lately, it did find time before going on summer recess to support a bill that would hurt consumers. On July 14, the House Energy and Commerce... read more


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