Making Kids Our Nation's Top Priority

Research and Studies

Your Preschooler Is a Tech Whiz, but Is Her Data Safe?
Are you ever surprised when toddlers have a better mastery of technology than adults? Our rapidly changing world has made it so technology and media use begins at an increasingly younger age. In fact... read more
The True Cost of the Right Start for Kids. How much money is too much when it comes to our kids?
Last week, Common Sense Kids Action released a groundbreaking report from the Right Start Commission titled Rebuilding the California Dream, which outlines a plan to create a "child-centered" system... read more
The New Child C.A.R.E. Act in Congress Tackles Quality, Affordability
What costs more than a year of college but is needed a lot sooner? You guessed it: child care. According to the Economic Policy Institute, child care for infants costs more than in-state, four-year... read more
Role Models for All in Celebration of Black History Month
February is Black History Month and a perfect opportunity to reflect on the African-American role models who have made an impact on society throughout our nation's history. These individuals are... read more
To Ensure a Right Start, We Need Digital Equity
In today's society, access to technology is the path to academic and economic opportunity. This is especially true for kids, who increasingly need access to computers, printers, and the Internet to... read more
Protecting Student Data from the Classroom to the Cloud
In Washington, DC, on Monday, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan headlined a summit hosted by Common Sense Media and The Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands on protecting student data in schools... read more
National Poll Reveals Deep Concern for How Students' Personal Information Is Collected, Used, and Shared
As educational settings become more and more integrated with technology, and more and more students are accessing educational resources in the cloud, privacy concerns are also on the rise. We at... read more


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