Making Kids Our Nation's Top Priority

State Legislation

The Digital Equity Act Invests in Digital Navigators to Help Close the Digital Divide
Many kids learn and socialize online, but the past year's pandemic has demonstrated just how important digital literacy and online connectivity are for families. While progress has been made in... read more
Joe Jerome
Director, Platform Accountability and State Advocacy
Strengthened Washington Privacy Act Shows Potential to Compromise
Last week, the Washington House Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee took a big step toward providing new online and offline privacy rights to Washingtonians, ensuring better data security, and... read more
Digital "Censorship" Bills Pose Risks to Kids
Lawmakers in states across the country are racing to introduce bills that would limit Big Tech's ability to remove content that they deem problematic, offensive, or harmful from their sites. However... read more
What Lawmakers Need to Know About Protecting Privacy
In the absence of a strong national privacy law, state houses across the United States have seen a flurry of bills that aim to provide new online and offline privacy rights to residents, better data... read more
Safer Connected Toys for Oregon and Illinois Families
Just months after Common Sense parents helped California pass a groundbreaking bill to make connected toys safer, lawmakers in Oregon and Illinois are moving to enact similar protections in their... read more
States Lead on Protecting Privacy
A year after Common Sense parents rallied for a landmark California law protecting the privacy of both adults and kids, other states around the country are now working to ensure their citizens have... read more
What California's New Media and Tech Laws Mean for Your Kids
You care about your kids and how the internet affects their lives. This year, Common Sense Kids Action worked to get several laws passed in California that will help improve kids' and families'... read more
Maryland Focuses on Kids' Digital Health
Kids' digital well-being is about balance -- balancing the opportunities that technology offers for learning and discovery with the potential for overuse, distraction, and threats to online safety.... read more


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