Three Ways Kids Action Is Fighting for You and Your Kids in Washington, D.C.

We've been busy in in our nation's capitol, check out what we've been working on! By Danny Weiss
Three Ways Kids Action Is Fighting for You and Your Kids in Washington, D.C.

We've been busy so far this year fighting to make kids America’s top priority. Here are three things in particular we've been working on:

Bringing the internet to low-income kids, at home: No longer a luxury, broadband is critical for schoolwork, finding a job, and participating in community affairs. And with seven out of 10 teachers assigning homework on the internet but 5 million low-income households with school-age children lacking high-speed or any internet, there is now a "homework gap" that leaves disadvantaged kids even further behind. This spring, we won a major victory toward closing this gap by getting the Federal Communications Commission to modernize its 30-year-old Lifeline program, which offers a telephone subsidy for low-income households, to include a broadband option. Believe it or not, Congress is trying to overturn the FCC's good work, but we're fighting back, so that all kids can have a shot at success.

Blowing the whistle on talking Barbies and ''smart'' bottles: One of today's hottest trends is called the Internet of Things, or IoT. That refers to devices that are connected to the internet but are not traditional computers, notebooks, or phones. Interactive dolls, digital bottles, and devices like Amazon's Echo or Google's Home are exciting developments, but they can also put your children's privacy and your home network at risk. As a go-to resource for federal policymakers on children's online privacy and security, we're educating members of Congress and the administration about what device makers, parents, and the government need to do to ensure your family is protected.

Making time for new parents to bond with their children: With fewer than 40 percent of Americans having access to any type of paid medical leave from work, most new parents have a terrible choice to make: lose essential bonding time with their new child or lose critical income at a time when they need it most.

We're fighting to change that by playing a key role in a national campaign to pass the Family Act, legislation guaranteeing U.S. workers up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave.

Join our efforts to make kids our nation's top priority -- become a Kids Action Advocate today!

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