Washington State Poised to Become First in the Nation to Pass Comprehensive Digital Citizenship Legislation

We proudly support SB 6273 and the commitment to create safer online communities for kids. By JR Starrett
Washington State Poised to Become First in the Nation to Pass Comprehensive Digital Citizenship Legislation

Policymakers in Washington State are poised to pass the nation’s first comprehensive digital citizenship legislation.

Kids have never had as much access to the Internet and mobile technologies at home and school as they do today. While technology has great promise for learning, kids don't always make sound judgments when navigating the digital world, bringing new challenges to school administrators and educators.

Common Sense Education has been a leading resource for school administrators, educators, and parents interested in learning additional ways to help kids thrive in a world driven by media and technology. For kids, good online behavior mimics good offline behavior, and there is no differentiating between the two when it comes to safety, responsibility, and respect.

Sen. Marko Liias has filed legislation that would call on the state office of the superintendent of public instruction to develop and distribute a list of digital citizenship best practices and recommendations to school administrators. Sen. Liias’ legislation also calls for the development of a state advisory committee that includes industry experts, administrators, educators, and others to review digital citizenship curriculum and policy.

Common Sense Kids Action applauds Sen. Liias’ commitment to creating safe communities for kids both online and off. We are proud to support SB 6273.

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