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Update: “Against Kids” Tax Bill Passes House
Last week, the House majority passed the “Against Kids” Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that would raise millions of Americans’ taxes by eliminating deductions on which many families rely. And unfortunately,... read more
A Helping Hand for the Holidays
Thanksgiving is coming up, and there’s a lot to love about the holiday season. It’s a time to come together with family and friends, to share memories and create more. It’s also a time to be thankful... read more
A Taxing Deal for America’s Families
No parent in America likes paying taxes. But many appreciate the services our taxes provide, such as firefighters, the police force, schools for our kids, health care programs like Medicaid and... read more
3 Spooky Ways Congress Is Trying to Limit Kids’ Access to Health Care
Halloween is here! All throughout the nation, ghosts, ghouls, and witches alike will wander our neighborhood streets. But there are a few things brewing in Congress that should spook parents beyond... read more
Celebrating Digital Citizenship Week in California
On Oct. 17, I joined California Assembly Member Ed Chau for a Digital Citizenship Roundtable in Alhambra as part of a celebration for Digital Citizenship Week in the state. In 2016, Assembly Member... read more
Connecting Kids and Teachers in the New Digital Age
Common Sense Kids Action recently filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission, urging it to maintain current efforts to bring high-quality broadband to classrooms and libraries. E-rate... read more
New Research Raises Privacy Concerns for Young Kids' and Families' Media Use
Common Sense’s new Zero to Eight research report offers a wealth of insight for parents and policymakers who are faced with an ever-evolving media landscape. How much time are kids spending in front... read more
25 Ways Your Voice Made a Difference for California Kids
With hundreds of calls and emails to policymakers, "For Kids" advocates like you made your voices heard loud and clear in Sacramento this year. And now that Gov. Brown has dotted the i's and crossed... read more


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