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JR Starrett
Senior Director of National Advocacy
Common Sense Kids Action joins effort to fund pre-K in Massachusetts
Did you know that $1 invested in preschool results in $17 in savings? That's thanks in large part to the lower amounts of juvenile delinquency, remedial programs, and obesity and public health issues... read more
No More Hungry Students in CA
Did you know that 3 out of 4 students in California miss out on a nutritious school breakfast? Can you imagine your child succeeding in her school day without adequate food in her belly, with the... read more
Putting our kids on a path to career success
Here's an interesting story out of Fresno about how local leaders are working together to create career-pathway programs based on local workforce needs. These kinds of partnerships are vital to... read more
Let's protect the privacy of California students
Protecting student privacy and safety must be a priority for all of us, including our schools. That’s why it was so disturbing to read stories about a seven-year-old in Orinda who faced being removed... read more
Can I Get a Lifeline?
Exciting innovations in technology and education are taking place all over the country to help kids learn and our economy grow. But there's still a lot of work to do. Common Sense Kids Action is... read more
Common Sense Kids Action Successfully Launched!
This week, we successfully launched the newest addition to the Common Sense family, Common Sense Kids Action. It's a major new advocacy effort with a simple mission: to make kids and education our... read more
Protect Student Privacy; Lawmakers In Washington Have a Plan
With all the concern lately about online privacy and hacking, we are pleased to see that Congress is working on a bipartisan plan to keep our students' personal information private, secure, and... read more
Jim Steyer
CEO and Founder | Dad of four
Kids Must be Our Nation’s Top Priority
Putting our kids first is not just good public policy, it's just plain common sense. That's why we're excited to announce the launch of our major new platform: Common Sense Kids Action. The mission... read more


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