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Mother's Day: It's an Everyday Thing
It's Mother's Day weekend! Yes, they certainly should be showered with laughter, love, and leisure. The more, the better. But mothering, of course, is an everyday thing. It's hugs from banana-smeared... read more
Common Sense Announces 15 Bills in Congress That  Are "For" or "Against" Kids
Parents and teachers trust Common Sense's ratings to help them make informed decisions about movies, websites, apps, books, and education technology for their kids. Now, parents and teachers are... read more
Tampons, Teachers, and Teddy Bears, Oh, My!
Last year, Common Sense Kids Action launched our legislative ratings tool to cut through the noise in Sacramento and give parents, educators, and other advocates the information they need to advocate... read more
Good and Bad Toys for Families
The Teddy Bear and Toaster Bill (SB 327), authored by California State Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, would help inform consumers about the basic privacy and security practices of devices on the market... read more
Breathing Room: Why Kids Need Environmental Protections
For many kids, recess is the highlight of the school day. The opportunity to play outside offers a multitude of benefits that kids don't think about, from improving cardiovascular health to allowing... read more
"Fake News" Bills Gathering Momentum in California
The California State Senate Education Committee today passed Senate Bill 203, legislation that Common Sense Kids Action is sponsoring as part of our national effort to strengthen digital citizenship... read more
No excuses: Families deserve secure smart devices
The Teddy Bear and Toaster Bill (SB 327), authored by California State Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, was introduced last month. It has a simple goal: bring much-needed basic security and privacy... read more
JR Starrett
(Formerly) Senior Director of National Advocacy
States Look to Promote Benefits of Earned Income Tax Credit
The Earned Income Tax Credit, or EITC, is often described as one of the most effective antipoverty tools available, because it's a refundable tax credit that flows directly to working low-income... read more


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