Move Fast and Fix Facebook for Kids

In advance of the upcoming congressional hearings with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Common Sense is urging legislators to ask Mr. Zuckerberg five questions regarding how he will commit to making young people's privacy a priority.

Amplify our message by making your voice heard on behalf of kids’ privacy today!

Now, more than ever, we need sound policy to protect our kids' privacy and digital well-being. Check out our questions for Facebook below:

  1. How many teens were exposed in Cambridge Analytica or other apps, and will Facebook explain to them clearly what happened?
  2. Has Facebook taken any steps to protect teens' privacy with respect to sharing information with apps or for ads or targeting or any steps to protect teens' privacy on Instagram at all?
  3. Will Facebook commit to using clear language in its terms of service for teens so teens can make smart, informed privacy choices?
  4. Will Facebook commit to not using teens' information to market products and services?
  5. Will Facebook commit to never having ads on Messenger Kids?