Protect Student and Parent Data Collected in Nebraska's Classrooms

Policymakers in Lincoln have considered adopting much-needed protection to ensure the privacy and security of schoolchildren's personal and academic data in connected classrooms. Learn how you can get involved.

Schools are increasingly integrating computers, laptops, and tablets in the classroom and relying on cloud computing services for a variety of academic and administrative functions. This technology, used wisely, has the vast potential to enhance and personalize student learning and to improve school efficiency. However, some online services have collected and analyzed personal details about students without clear limits on the use of student data for educational purposes. Other online services have failed to adequately secure and encrypt students' personal information from potential misuse.

Students shouldn't have to surrender their right to privacy and security at the schoolhouse door. We need clear rules of the road to ensure that schoolchildren's information is not exploited for commercial purposes and stays out of the wrong hands.

Common Sense Kids Action will work with policymakers in 2018 to ensure that policy proposals adhere to three basic principles that attempt to balance the tremendous opportunity provided by education technology with the need to foster a trusted learning environment where students' personal information is protected:

  1. Students' personal information should be used solely for educational purposes.
  2. Students' personal information or online activity should not be used to target advertising to students or families.
  3. Schools and education technology providers should adopt appropriate data-security, -retention, and -destruction policies.

Take action today. Contact your legislator and ask that legislation to protect student and parent information be a priority for the 2018 legislative session.