Support "COPPA 2.0"

All of us deserve the right to privacy online and the opportunity to make informed choices about how our data is used and shared. And it's especially important that we protect the most vulnerable among us, our children and teens, on platforms and devices they use on a daily basis. That is why this comprehensive children's online privacy bill is crucial to ensuring that our future generations are adequately protected from potential harm online.

"COPPA 2.0," introduced by Senators Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Josh Hawley (R-Miss.), would expand and enhance the current Children's Online Privacy Protection Act rules about the collection, use, and disclosure of children's information, including providing important rights and protections to teenagers and promoting safer connected devices.

What this bill would do:

  • Provide parents of children under 13 and teens with control and choice over online tracking.
  • Empower parents of children under 13 and teens with the right to delete content they themselves post online.
  • Prevent sites from pretending they don't have children to evade COPPA's requirements.
  • Prohibit personalized targeted marketing to children entirely and prohibit such marketing to teens without their permission.
  • Require children's and teens' connected devices to have a privacy dashboard on their packaging, explaining information-collection practices and security provisions.
  • Prohibit the sale of insecure connected devices to children and teens.
  • Create a Youth Privacy and Marketing Division at the FTC to focus on children's privacy and marketing.
  • Much more to protect our most vulnerable online!