Tell Your Senator to Ask FCC Chairman Pai to Keep His Promise on E-rate

The federal E-rate program plays a critical role in allowing kids to harness the power of technology in schools and libraries across America. The program, celebrated by Republicans and Democrats, provides access to high-speed broadband and quality wireless network devices for many schools.

E-rate funds are directly applied to improving the local public education infrastructure and allowing our children to harness the power of technology in our classrooms.

But we need your help. The recently appointed chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, the federal agency that administers the E-rate program, has previously promised support for the program.

Chairman Ajit V. Pai is scheduled to testify to the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, Innovation and the Internet on July 19, and now is our chance to determine his intentions for the E-rate program.

Our country's economic prosperity depends on educating our kids so they can compete with their peers around the world. That means access to the best of technology in every school. We have made great progress through E-rate to connect most schools and classrooms in America. But we haven't finished the job yet.

Act now. Urge your senator to ask Chairman Pai whether he intends to keep his promise and maintain E-rate as it is today.