Tell Your Senators to Reject the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

The House recently passed the final version of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, but we still have an opportunity to make this bill better for kids.

Despite the promises of the bill's name, here's what the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would actually do:

  • End the state and local tax deduction for sales and income taxes on which many families, especially those in high-tax states, rely.
  • Eliminate the personal exemption, including for dependents.
  • Add $1.5 trillion to the deficit, according to the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT).
  • Repeal the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate, which would raise health care premiums by 10 percent each year and lead to 13 million fewer Americans having health insurance.

Here’s what Congress should do to improve the bill:

  • Expand the Child Tax Credit (CTC) so that parents can start qualifying for the credit with their first dollar earned.
  • Let families deduct their state and local sales and income taxes.
  • Keep the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate.

Please tell your Senators to oppose this harmful bill as it stands.