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Supporting 21st-Century Education with Technology

Common Sense Kids Action believes that every American child -- no matter his or her race, income, or ZIP code -- deserves a high-quality education that will enable him or her to succeed in a fiercely competitive, global, and knowledge-based economy.

Unfortunately, far too many kids are graduating from schools unprepared to compete for careers or jobs. Currently, 63% of K–12 schools lack the broadband resources and Wi-Fi networks needed to provide their students with a full array of digital learning opportunities, a crucial component to educational success.

Common Sense Kids Action will lead the charge on increasing kids' access to digital learning by providing sufficient high-speed broadband, quality learning tools, content, and teacher supports in K–12 schools. This includes:

Modernizing the Federal E-Rate Program
Common Sense Kids Action has worked closely with the bipartisan Leading Education by Advancing Digital (LEAD) Commission to create a path toward digital learning in the United States. As a first step, we have supported modernizing the Federal Communication Commission's E-Rate program to bring high-speed broadband into all our schools, especially those serving low-income children and children of color, to reduce the digital divide, and to ensure that students develop the skills necessary to compete in today's tech-savvy global economy.

We are working to develop a comprehensive device program to deliver the most effective learning devices and courseware to students. We support the LEAD Commission's goal to put digital learning devices in the hands of all students by 2020.

California ConnectEd
Common Sense Kids Action actively advocates for California ConnectEd, a program aimed at improving K–12 education technology by ensuring all classrooms are wired and all students have access to an Internet-connecting device.

To truly transform our K–12 system to be future-ready and allow all students to experience deeper learning, Common Sense Kids Action will:

  • Support legislation to ensure California can take full advantage of the Federal Communications Commission's decision to modernize the E-Rate program.
  • Support a second Common Core/Next Generation Science Standards Implementation Block Grant to include an option for schools to use the funds for technology acquisition.
  • Support the creation of an education technology credential or teacher certification badge to ensure that educators are equipped to effectively use technology in their classrooms.