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2013 ON for Learning Award Winners
51 titles
Common Sense Media's ON for Learning Award is given to the very best in kids' digital media.
Social Studies Learning Tools for Kids
14 titles
These apps, games, and websites are great for homework help.

More lists

22 titles
Engaging resources that offer kids more than just the ABCs.
9 titles
Engaging tools for everything from letter basics to keeping a daily journal.
16 titles
Engaging apps, games, and websites make science fun and accessible for kids.
11 titles
Point curious kids toward honest, factual information on personal health.
16 titles
Vital math and science skills for life.
17 titles
Math is always more fun when it's a game.
8 titles
Spark kids' interest in becoming engineers, architects, or other kinds of designers.
7 titles
With these sites, kids plus math equals fun.
19 titles
Arm yourself with online resources for tough assignments.
14 titles
Build strategy, solve problems, prep for life.
6 titles
Make learning fun with puzzles that test your ability to spot details.
13 titles
Calling all tinkerers, experimenters, and inventors.
15 titles
Fan the flames of your kids’ passions with these great sites.
5 titles
Step into others' shoes with these great games.
10 titles
Kids learn the value of teamwork and togetherness.
20 titles
Girl-centric games that stick to positive messages.
9 titles
Exercise your body and mind.
6 titles
Handheld gaming can be fun as well as educational.
24 titles
Help your kids build friendships and gain world know-how as they gear up for their first years of school.
15 titles
Something yummy is cooking in your kids' digital media.
10 titles
Winning in politics is all about how you play the game!
15 titles
Great tools to help kids learn the craft of creating with technology.