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Learning with Technology

Can apps or games help my kid's mind stay active during school breaks?

Age-appropriate, high-quality media can definitely help kids' minds stay active, and prevent what's known as "summer slide" -- when kids forget what they learned from the school year. Here are a few ways to keep kids skills up over school breaks.

  • Keep kids reading. Kids who read a lot over the summer not only maintain reading skills, they go back to school better prepared for all subjects. Make summer reading fun. Try these digital libraries
  • Think outside the book. Apps, games, and websites offer lots of unique learning opportunities for kids. Check out our list of Weird Ways to Learn.
  • Go for codeComputer programming apps and sites teach kids everything from problem-solving to thinking and logic.
  • Listen to podcasts. Developing aural skills is beneficial for learning. Try these podcasts.
  • Make lasting memoriesWith easy-to-use digital tools, kids can collect videos, photos, stories, and more in electronic journals that tell the story of their summer.

And remember, it's OK -- in fact, it's beneficial -- for kids to get bored, too. Downtime encourages kids to use their imagination and creativity and develop their inner selves -- essential skills they can use all their lives.