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Learning with Technology

Can apps teach my preschooler to read?

Many parents feel pressured to get their preschoolers reading before they enter kindergarten. But unless your kid wants to learn to read, is trying to teach himself, or is the rare preschooler who develops the ability to read on his own, your time is better spent reading and talking to your child. Enjoying learning, being curious, and getting along with others are the key skills preschoolers need to thrive in school.

That said, one of the strongest predictors of later success in reading and other school subjects is early vocabulary -- and oral language skills in general. Talk to your kids, use challenging words, help them describe what they mean, read to them, play word games, make up nonsense rhymes and stories together, teach listening skills, listen to them, and sing songs -- anything that emphasizes language. For help in this area, check out:

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