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Learning with Technology

Can tech be helpful for ELL and ESL learners?

Apps, websites, games, and even TV can help kids learn vocabulary, idioms, phrases, and pronunciation. Tech can help by prompting kids, providing audio feedback, and letting kids work at a self-directed pace without putting them on the spot. A combination of language instruction, storytelling, phonics programs, and sentence/phrase builders can increase comfort and fluency.

Language programs

Apps designed for ELL and ESL learners focus on translation and vocabulary.


By telling stories, kids make use of their existing knowledge to build vocabulary and comprehension.


Phonemic awareness helps kids identify sounds and learn correct pronunciation.

Sentence/phrase builders

These programs help kids with proper sentence structure and phrasing.

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Parent written by Elishaba

Finding materials for ELL learners can be a hard task. My school uses Google Chrome Apps and we are looking for the best apps that would benefit out ELL population at the secondary level. Any help is greatly appreciated.