Is there tech that can help my kids get prepped for standardized testing?

SAT, ACT, Advanced Placement -- you name it, there's an app, website, or game to help kids do better on it. From the straightforward to the silly, there are study guides in every format imaginable, so you're guaranteed to find something that'll teach to your kid's learning style. Good test prep costs money, though, so definitely check our reviews, download a demo if possible, or try the site before you buy to make sure it's what you -- and your kid -- want.

Apps and websites can offer a few benefits over paper and pencil. The ability to create study groups, find study buddies, purchase private tutoring, and get instant feedback -- especially when kids are trying to fit prep time into their busy high school lives -- is pretty sweet.

Here are some programs to consider:

  • Grockit: A fee-based subscription service offering study topics, quizzes, and answer analysis for a wide variety of standardized tests.
  • Shmoop: A serious study resource with a humorous bent.
  • SAT Word Slam: A fun vocab app with a variety of quiz types, including synonym, fill-in-the-blank, and complete-the-poem.
  • SAT: A trustworthy SAT-prep site from the folks who make the test.
  • MY SAT Coach: A study aid designed for the Nintendo DS.
  • SAT Vocab Mindsnacks: This fun app offers a variety of game formats to keep the words fresh and the challenge high.
  • Future U the Prep Game for SAT: A video game that focuses on deeper subject knowledge, not just rote memorization.
  • uVocab Vocabulary: A challenging Android app that includes nearly 5,000 words for both the SAT and the ACT.
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Kid, 12 years old

On the SAT website, they post a new question every day. It is fun to do in your free time, and I imagine it would help with testing.