Is there tech that can help my kids get prepped for testing?

To help your kid prepare for standardized testing as well as school tests, there are a wide array of apps, websites, and games on nearly every subject -- from math and English/language arts to science and social studies.  At Common Sense Media, you can browse product reviews by subject, entertainment type, and age to find programs rated for quality and learning potential. Depending on what your kid needs to learn, you can choose from practice drills (focused work on specific skills such as multiplication), sight drills (mainly flash card-style presentations to improve memorization), practice tests, video games, word problems, matching games, and many more categories that best suit your kid's learning style.

Check out these reviews of apps and sites for kids arranged by subject matter and ordered from highest to lowest rating.

Language & Reading App reviews for kids.

Language & Reading Website reviews for kids.

Math App reviews for kids

Math Website reviews for kids.

Science App reviews for kids

Science Website reviews for kids.

Social Studies App reviews for kids.

Social Studies Website reviews for kids.

 If your school is implementing Common Core standards, check out the recommendations for Common Core-friendly math apps, games, and websites and Common Core-friendly English and language arts apps, games, and websites.

A few more test-prep suggestions:

  • CK-12 offers free lessons on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects.
  • Virtual Nerd offers more than 1,500 free video lessons from sixth grade math to Algebra 2. 
  • Quizlet provides literally millions of user-generated flash cards on every topic you can imagine. 
  • Shmoop dispenses test prep, study guides, and humor in equal measure. 
  • Vocabador uses Mexican wrestling as a theme to teach vocabulary. Yes, really.
  • SAT Vocab by Mindsnacks helps kids memorize their SAT vocabulary words. 
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