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Learning with Technology

What apps can help my kid do better in math?

There is no shortage of excellent math apps on the market. Your choice really depends on the skills your kids need to practice and how they learn best (for example, through flash cards, virtual money, or story-rich games). Online math sites that combine tutorials, quizzes, and instant feedback, such as Khan Academy and Reflex: Math Fact Fluency, help kids learn math at their own pace.

But math is a subject where you can really think outside the box. Logic, reasoning, pattern recognition, critical thinking, and other analytical skills are essential to learning math, so consider other types of apps that help kids build these skills.

Here are a few areas to look at:

Computer programming
Coding is being hailed as an essential 21st-century skill, and it has some crossover with math. Try:

Counting rhythms, beats, and intervals helps strengthen kids' understanding of math concepts.

Puzzle games
Puzzlers, especially those that use numbers, strengthen basic arithmetic and teach pattern recognition, improve memorization, and emphasize strategic planning.