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Learning with Technology

What creative tech-related projects can I do with my tweens?

No matter what your tweens are into -- LEGOs, skateboarding, music, dancing, reading -- there's a creative tech project you can do to celebrate it, honor it, commemorate it, or simply appreciate it together. (Using technology to make multimedia presentations, communicate concepts, tell stories, and explain information is handy for school, too!)

Here are some ideas for creative tech projects to do with tweens:

Social media

With your child, join an age-appropriate social network such as YourSphere or Kidzworld.  Create a shared space devoted to a subject your kid is into and upload photos, videos, and other media. Invite others (or not), and consider talking to your kids' friends' parents to get them to join.

Digital journal

Design a digital scrapbook, using a program such as Skrappy or Wonderful Days, dedicated to one of your kid's interests, such as her soccer team, or a shared experience, such as last summer's vacation. Use the book to help your kid tell a story using pictures, words, and family interviews.


Create a simple slideshow in PhotoPeach or Animoto that visually illustrates a subject he loves. Share the slideshow with friends, relatives, or clubs.


Edit your videos using basic editing software such as VideoFX Live or Magisto. Add effects, transitions, music, and titles. Consider sharing them with friends or keeping them just for you two to enjoy.

Video games

If your kid loves video games, use a sandbox program such as Algodoo or Minecraft or a rich level-creation tool such as LittleBigPlanet 2 to create totally new and original environments in which you can interact.


Compose original tunes using music-creation software such as GarageBand or Seline HD

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Adult written by ghost s.

No please don't do this. If you want to help your kid teach them how to program (python) get your kid an RPI3 get a bread board, and a soldering gun, get some wires and look up a tutorial on how to program the RPI. You can make stuff like drones and robots all from scratch. And get the true feeling of sitting in a garage with a laptop in one hand and a soldering gun in the other.
Kid, 12 years old

If your child uses computers and knows something about programming, you could have them program things for you. If your child likes art you could have a computer modeling contest (blender is a good free program for that). If your child is into 4X or RTS games you could play against them over multiplayer (like chess, except more complex).