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Learning with Technology

What technology can help my teen do better in school?

Digital learning tools -- including apps, games, and websites -- show a lot of potential for helping kids learn. But with so many products on the market (not to mention grand claims made by marketers), it's hard for parents to know where to start, what works, and what's really worth your time and investment. For recommendations, you can ask the teacher, friends, and parents at your kid's school.

Common Sense makes it easy to find digital learning tools that help kids at nearly every developmental stage and including core skills from reading, math, and science to critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. We believe that, with proper balance and guidance, kids can explore, discover, and learn from digital media in a way that helps them develop skills they'll need to succeed in the 21st century.

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Parent written by Elishaba

For our students at the high school level, part of the battle is time management. Having a planner or calendar is a great idea. If you have not already a great online calendar is Google Calendar. You can manage tasks using this calendar as well. Also, have them take advantage of the resources offered by your schools Media Center. At my school we have valid online resources such as Infobase Learning that are very helpful. Overall, it takes multiple sources to help with a successful high school career.