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Best Media Lists: Our Recommendations for Families

Need some fresh ideas for your next family movie night? In the market for apps and games that will entertain your kids and teach them a thing or two? Looking for a book to engage your reluctant reader? Our editors have hand-picked lists of their favorite titles in every category of media we cover -- movies, TV, books, music, websites, apps, and games (including learning ratings) -- to give you the information you need to make the best choices for your family. All of our picks are entertaining and rated to help you decide whether they're age-appropriate for your kids.
Abraham Book Poster Image
Bloody battles and heroic soldiers, citizens, leaders, and enslaved people mark these stories of courage and conflict.
Seven SuperGirls TV Poster Image
These online comedy stars will make you LOL.
SoulPancake TV Poster Image
Spread positivity with these YouTube channels.
ChuChu TV TV Poster Image
Songs, colors, and early learning fun for your littlest ones.
Stampylonghead TV Poster Image
Find your favorite gamers and "let's play" along.
Khan Academy TV Poster Image
Lots of laughs and learning from super STEM YouTubers.
BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! Game Poster Image
Top-rated titles for the family-friendly hybrid console.
Khan Academy Website Poster Image
When homework has everyone stumped, these apps can help.
Doctor Who TV Poster Image
Teens who like the show will love these dark, mysterious dramas.
Gravity Falls TV Poster Image
Hilarious animated shows for older viewers.
Finding Nemo Movie Poster Image
Family-friendly films to entertain the crowd.
Busy Shapes 2 App Poster Image
Sometimes you can't stay connected, but these apps will let the fun continue!
Paper Clips Movie Poster Image
Learning about the past has never been more interesting.
Born to Be Wild Movie Poster Image
Marvel at creatures big and small in their natural habitats.
Apollo 11 Movie Poster Image
These true stories are out of this world!
404Sight Game Poster Image
Put down the weapons and use your brain cells with this clever set of games.
DragonBox Algebra 12+ App Poster Image
As teens move on to more complex math concepts, they can use these tools to keep pace.
Bookaboo TV Poster Image
Adventure into Amazon's jungle of original TV shows.
She Persisted: 13 American Women Who Changed the World Book Poster Image
Books celebrating women who broke barriers offer inspiring role models for girls (and boys).
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood TV Poster Image
Series for all ages that offer positive portrayals of girls and boys, men and women.