Best Mental Health and Wellness Podcasts for Kids, Tweens, and Teens

This list of podcasts serves as a toolkit to help kids, tweens, and teens with their physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness. These shows offer both preventative and therapeutic approaches. Some guide listeners through physical movement like yoga, stretching, and dance. And others focus on mindfulness techniques to calm the mind and soothe the nervous system, including meditation, breathing, and visualization. Younger listeners and their parents and caregivers will find shows that help them name emotions, express how they feel, and communicate these feelings to peers and trusted adults. Tweens and teens will find resources to help them understand the changes their bodies are going through in adolescence, how puberty can affect their emotions, how to navigate and alleviate stress, mental health challenges, and more.

This insightful curation takes a holistic approach when it comes to our kids' well-being, no matter what age. These shows aim to help kids and families build positive habits for physical and emotional health, and they offer accessible tools to use in challenging moments. That said, while many of these podcasts can be helpful resources, they aren't a replacement for professional mental health evaluation or treatment.

Rise Little Earthling poster

Rise Little Earthling: The Podcast

age 2+

Sweet mindfulness routines for little ones and parents.

Host: Lights (2021)
Heart wearing headphones

Little Kids, Big Hearts

age 3+

Helps younger kids develop social and emotional skills.

Host: Todd Loyd (2021)
Goodnight, World! podcast poster image

Goodnight, World!

age 3+

Relaxing stories help sleep strategy & emotional regulation.

Host: Alan Muraoka (2021)
Be Calm on Ahway Island poster

Be Calm on Ahway Island

age 3+

Bedtime stories and meditations with positive messages.

Host: Susie Perkowitz (2021)
Good Morning, Good Night podcast image

Good Morning, Good Night

age 3+

Mindfulness, affirmations, movement for morning and night.

Host: Taes Leavitt (2022)
Happy kids playing on a rainbow with the words Yoga Kids Adventure.

Yoga Kids Adventure

age 4+

Yoga podcast for kids encourages imagination and movement.

Host: Kathryn Mercer (2021)
Peace Out Podcast poster

Peace Out Podcast

age 4+

Guided relaxation practice for kids with some nature facts.

Host: Chanel Tsang (2017)
The Emotion Motion Podcast Poster

The Emotion Motion Podcast

age 4+

Underwater adventure teaches social-emotional learning.

Host: Megan MacPhee (2020)
Mini Meditations Picture

Mini Meditations for Kids

age 5+

Short mindfulness practices in English and Ukrainian.

Host: Tara Segree (2022)
A Kids Book About: The Podcast Poster

A Kids Book About: The Podcast

age 8+

Important relevant topics tackled, some difficult content.

Host: Matthew Winner (2021)
Illustration of a teen girl and a woman wearing headphones. Speech bubbles says The Smart Girls Podcast.

American Girl: The Smart Girl's Podcast

age 9+

Talk show for tween and teen girls; promotes book series.

Host: Shay Rudolph, Jess Weiner (2022)
Mostly Mindful for Teens and Tweens Image

Mostly Mindful for Teens and Tweens

age 11+

Quick mindfulness practices to build resiliency.

Host: Dominique Sullivan (2020)
Cover art of Express Yourself! Podcast. The background is white with red stars. The title is in red. Black and white portraits of teens are on the bottom frame.

Express Yourself!

age 13+

Relatable teen talks and life skills; some heavy subjects.

Host: N/A (2011)
This Teenage Life Podcast Logo

This Teenage Life

age 13+

Teen-led pod offers compassion & advice on relatable issues.

Host: Molly Josephs (2019)
The Teen Life podcast poster

The Teen Life Coach

age 13+

Thoughtful podcast aims to support teens' mental health.

Host: Sami Halvorsen (2019)
Photo of Meghan Markle over the word Archetypes.


age 13+

Explores how labels impact women; some mature topics.

Host: Meghan Markle (2022)
The Puberty Podcast poster

The Puberty Podcast

age 13+

Science-based strategies for parenting through puberty.

She Persisted poster

She Persisted: Your Teen Mental Health Resource

age 14+

Teen mental health resource deals with difficult topics.

Host: Saddie Sutton (2019)