Best Music of the Decade (2000-2009): Top 10 for Teens

"Ten years' worth of musical memories are everywhere you look on this best music for teens list. Our editors handpicked the best songs for teens and standout CDs that teenagers will enjoy long after this decade is over."

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Sex, substances dominate eight new tunes on reissued CD.
By Lady Gaga
Quirky and raw; many teens will enjoy.
By The White Stripes
Darker album from emotionally charged band.
By Coldplay
Punk rock opera actually rocks!
By Green Day
Pink takes on just about everyone. Teens and up.
By Pink
Pounding party beats with some adult themes.
By The Black Eyed Peas
Too racy for kids, but great for older teens.
By Usher
There's a lot for parents to be cautious about.
By Jay-Z
Packs edgy emotional wallop; best for older teens.
By Kanye West
Dark power-punk is violent but also makes teens think.
By My Chemical Romance

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