Fitness TV

Media plays a big role in our perception of weight and health. While too many TV shows offer unrealistic images of slimness (not to mention constant junk food marketing), some series are trying to help audiences of all ages learn healthier attitudes and practices when it comes to their bodies.

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Simple preschool series encourages kids to be active.
Network: Online
Magical preschool series with thoughtful physical component.
Network: Sprout
Food-themed adventure series promotes healthy eating habits.
Network: Hulu
Super-fit folks conquer big obstacles for money.
Network: G4, NBC
Diet and exercise tips from relatable Hollywood star.
Network: CW
Weight-loss reality show is compassionate, noncompetitive.
Network: ABC
Inspiring beauty pageant for tweens and up.
Network: Oxygen
Teen weight-loss docu has positive messages about change.
Network: MTV
Emotional reality docuseries about fighting morbid obesity.
Network: A&E
Thought-provoking drama has relatable messages for teens.
Network: ABC Family
Overweight dancer lives life, promotes positive body image.
Network: TLC