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As a parent, it's important to balance screen use and physical activity to keep kids healthy. For those times when you can't be outside, screens can sometimes help get kids moving. So follow their motionless media with a marathon of running, jumping, and, most important, dancing! These active picks will have your kid putting down the controller and picking up the pace with titles that perfectly blend fun and fitness. For more information on how to properly incorporate exercise into your child's electronic games, be sure to check out our Apps That Inspire Kids to Play Outside.

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Little Friends Dance Studio Poster Image

Little Friends Dance Studio

age 4+

Branded choreographing tool is more ho-hum than hoppin' hot.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad (2017)
Super Stretch Yoga HD Poster Image

Super Stretch Yoga HD

age 4+

Get kids moving and relaxing with warm video intro to yoga.

Devices: iPad (2012) Poster Image

age 4+

Brought to you by the letter "F" -- for fun.

URL: (2008)
GoNoodle Games Poster Image

GoNoodle Games

age 5+

Jump, wave, and wiggle with fun immersive movement games.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad , Android (2020)
Hops - Journey of Tree Spirit Poster Image

Hops - Journey of Tree Spirit

age 6+

Fun fitness experience motivates kids to move, offers ads.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch (2019)
Active Life: Magical Carnival Poster Image

Active Life: Magical Carnival

age 8+

Active gaming in a collection of fun fantasy settings.

Platforms: Nintendo Wii (2011)
Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved Poster Image

Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved

age 8+

Become a wizardly conductor in music game; some iffy lyrics.

Platforms: Xbox 360 , Xbox One (2014)
NFL Play 60 Poster Image

NFL Play 60

age 8+

Running game gets kids moving but may be risky for device.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad , Android (2014)
Wii Sports Club Poster Image

Wii Sports Club

age 8+

Five sports games get Wii U athletes on their feet.

Platforms: Nintendo Wii U (2014)
Just Dance 2021 Poster Image

Just Dance 2021

age 10+

Fan favorite rhythm game keeps the dance party going.

Ring Fit Adventure Poster Image

Ring Fit Adventure

age 10+

Work up a sweat while saving the land in this fun adventure.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch (2019)
Wii Fit Plus Poster Image

Wii Fit Plus

age 10+

Expanded version has great games and personalized workouts.

Platforms: Nintendo Wii (2009)
Wii Fit U Poster Image

Wii Fit U

age 10+

Fun collection of games designed to keep you fit.

Platforms: Nintendo Wii U (2014)
Zumba Fitness World Party Poster Image

Zumba Fitness World Party

age 12+

Fun fitness dancing game not very original.

Platforms: Nintendo Wii , Nintendo Wii U , Xbox 360 , Xbox One (2013)
Charge Running Poster Image

Charge Running

age 13+

Live remote runs encourage fitness; best used indoors.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch (2017)
Charity Miles - Running & Walking Distance Tracker Poster Image

Charity Miles - Running & Walking Distance Tracker

age 13+

Help charities through walking, running, and biking.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad , Android (2016)
Walkr - A Gamified Fitness App Poster Image

Walkr - A Gamified Fitness App

age 13+

Combine space-travel gaming with real-life steps tracking.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad , Android (2018)
Zombies, Run! Poster Image

Zombies, Run!

age 15+

Zombie-fueled workout fun, violent; adjust privacy settings.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad , Android (2015)