Best music: Our Recommendations for Families

Whether you're looking for great kids' music or something even your teen will tolerate, our "best music" lists will help you discover songs and albums that are sure to have you humming. Put them on the car stereo, talk about the lyrics, dance to them at home -- and don't forget to sing along!
Singles and albums by the superstar producer and pop star.
These songs and albums are bound to bring a smile.
Hard-hitting club music and dubstep tracks for teens.
Empowering anthems and albums by some of music's leading ladies.
Hits that first found fame thanks to the wildly popular website.
Kid-friendly pop picks from the original American Idol.
Some of our favorites from the award-winning R&B and pop powerhouse.
From new wave to rap, metal, Michael, and Whitney, the '80s had it all.
From light pop to the Beatles and psychedelia, a rockin' '60s playlist.
Get kids moving with these energetic songs.
Family-friendly soundtracks for the long highway.
Some of our favorites from this exceptionally talented artist.
Sing, dance, and explore with Dora and friends!
Hits from the hugely popular TV show.
What's best about hip-hop, without the rest.
Great music and more for thoughtful teens.
Squeaky clean titles are pop-perfection.
Soothing sounds and bouncy beats for wee ones.
A great soundtrack can make a movie.
The week's most popular singles, according to the Billboard charts.