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It seems like everyone's favorite mutant superheroes are everywhere these days -- the big screen, the small screen, the handheld screen... Check out our favorite X-Men movies and more!

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Entertaining '90s cartoon mixes battles, teamwork.
Network: Disney XD
Lots of good-vs.-evil battles in violent 'toon.
Network: WB
Fun action series for kids has enough depth for older fans.
Network: Nicktoons
X-Men App Poster Image
Cartoon violence with no blood in arcade remake.
Devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire
Comic-book adaptation has brains, brawn, and style.
On DVD/Streaming
(Release Year: 2000)
Game gives fans something to cheer about.
Platforms: Xbox
"Motion comic" has violence, deep dramatic themes.
Network: Hulu
Bigger and badder than No. 1, but still a blast.
On DVD/Streaming
(Release Year: 2003)
X-Men battle for their lives yet again. Tweens OK.
On DVD/Streaming
(Release Year: 2006)
Marvel mutants headline violent anime-flavored series.
Network: G4

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