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Marketing to Kids

At what age do kids understand what advertising or marketing is?

At around age 8 kids understand that ads are trying to sell something. Before that, they take ads at face value and assume they're like any other entertainment -- or maybe even real.

But it's not as if companies wait until kids understand ads to target them. They know that the earlier they hook a potential customer, the better. Kids will encounter more ads as they become more avid users of media. When that happens, help them identify and understand when something is an advertisement.

Try to avoid commercial programming for young kids. Fast-forward through recorded shows, or mute commercials. As your kids get older, talk about commercials, pointing out that not everything they see in an ad is necessarily true.

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Kid, 11 years old

When I was 8 I hated watching trailers in the movies because in some theaters there are little anti piracy warnings before the film which freaked me out because it mentioned jail and I was scared of jail bc that might of been me I didn't know the purpose of the ads and warnings until I was 10.
Teen, 13 years old written by GravityMPS2

when I was 4 I saw a add for oatmeal with candy dinos in it, so I yelled at my parents until they got it for me, when I was about 9 I finally realized that they are specifically designed to make you want to buy it, so I would never listen to them.
Teen, 14 years old written by Morgan_Horse

I fully understood marketing schemes, scams, propaganda at age seven, but I began to understand it at age five. I actually took interest in marketing at age eight to age eleven and read all the online articles I could on the subject.