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Marketing to Kids

What can I do about all the ads my kids see online and in games?

There's not much you can do without severely restricting your kids' online time. Companies are constantly on the lookout for new and creative ways to reach kids -- and they've increased ads in games and websites. But you have some options. Here are some ideas for limiting the amount of advertising your kid is exposed to in digital entertainment:

Spring for the paid app. Lots of free apps offer paid versions that are ad-free.

Avoid blatantly branded websites. HappyMeal, Lego, Lucky Charms, Bratz, HotWheels, and plenty more are basically giant, interactive ads. 

Stick to noncommercial sites or ones that reinforce your values. Few content providers are completely ad-free, but PBS has pretty discreet ads, and Disney has announced it's restricting junk-food advertising on all its properties, including TV shows, apps, and games.

Give kids an allowance. Whether its real money, an online account, or a gift card, kids who have to use their own money to pay for a download will really consider its value.

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