What's the impact of advertising on older kids?

Advertisers spend many billions of dollars per year making sure their products get in front of preteens' eyes, and they have more places to capture their attention: television, the Internet, games, movies, apps -- you name it. Advertisers also know that kids greatly influence their parents' buying decisions, to the tune of $500 billion per year.

The most significant aspect of marketing to preteens, though, is that now they can talk back.  Although companies are limited in the data they can collect from kids under 13, they can still gain insights into their behavior and preferences. Help your preteen become a savvy consumer by pointing out the strategies marketers employ to reach them:

The need for stimulation. If you're wondering why commercials for tweens look like they were filmed by a caffeine-addled jackrabbit, it's because tween brains crave -- and respond strongly to -- stimulation. If something is exciting, they take notice.

The desire to engage. Brands bury their sales pitches to this age. Preteens are swayed by experience, not lectures -- hence games, apps, contests, and other interactive gimmicks to attract and hold their attention.

The craving for emotional connection. If you have a tween, you know that kids at this age are not entirely rational. They LOVE a specific dress, they MUST HAVE a particular song, they're OBSESSED with a certain game. Marketers use strategies that stir up emotions so kids identify with a product. 

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Teen, 13 years old written by i cant think of...

this shows that ads are bad but its showing me ads. Advertising is increasing and having adults spend billions on kids there must be a way to control ads like how we control nicotine.
Kid, 10 years old

If your parents were anything like me? N.O.T.H.I.N.G. I got raised up in a family (AND IM STILL BEING RAISED) that constantly went against ads, said they were annoying, and pointed out to me 19.99 is practically 20 bucks because pennies don't matter in grown up money, and that they are MEANT to attract you to buying disappointing products, they only advertise it to make it look good BECAUSE ITS BAD. Just teach em that and they are straight shooting fine.