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Sex, Gender, and Body Image

What is body image?

Body image refers to how you feel, act, and think about your body. Your attitude toward your body -- and other people's bodies -- is shaped by your community, your family, your culture, and yourself.

Television shows, movies, music, and advertising all are part of our popular culture, and what we see, hear, and experience through these forms of media has an effect on how we perceive our bodies, to greater or lesser degrees, depending on the individual.

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Teen, 14 years old written by phiatastic

People. To be more specific teens, have probably or are going through the troubling times of your bodies *cough cough* awkwardness. Its ok and normal. We are so obsessed with being like girls we see on magazines with their flat stomach and perfect face, hair, etc. The problem is most of it is photoshopped. But sadly kids see this as not photoshopped. This has led to lack of self confidence and starving themselves, which can be a very serious disorder called either Bulimia or Anorexia. Those two words are words you WANT to avoid. Be yourself because you are perfect. Don't body shame yourself because you don't look like someone. Flowers are pretty so are paintings but they aren't the same thing. Im sorry if i offend you with this next comment to people who aren't religious but , God made you this way,perfect, why change that. Please seek help if you are feeling sad.