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Bloody, fanboyish retelling of an ancient battle.

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Teen, 13 years old Written bynnowgoo April 9, 2008


This movie was so cool! The story is of the battle of Thermopole, in which 300 Spartan soldiers, took on 1,000,000 Persians. "300" had some great slo-mo effects and AMAZING special effects. It was very violent though, with a lot of blood, dead bodies, bloody decapitations, and everything else. It was very violent, but a great movie. I'd recommend it for maybe teens and up that can handle violence.
Adult Written byCSM Screen Name... April 9, 2008

Best Movie I've ever seen

Amazing. That's the word for 300. The movie is based on the Spartan king defending his country ignorant of the politics. He takes his 300 best men out and find a strategic spot to fight the Persian army of hundreds of thousands. All in all, this is the best movie I've ever seen. Plan on watching it atleast one more time in theatres.
Adult Written bywoodcut April 9, 2008

300 = Wasted Time

I'm an adult, and saw 300 on an IMAX big screen. $15. It was a waste of time & money. Very poor story line, and 70% of the film shows gory battle scenes, sometimes in "slow motion". Not for kids, and adults should skip this too.
Teen, 17 years old Written byDittochs64 April 9, 2008

Wow This movie was NOT what I expected

so the setup is this: i live in a small town, and i saw an ad on tv for "frank miller's (and thats when i knew whatever was following would be something stylized and that i'd like to see) the 300" at first i was disappointed by the trailer and then i noticed it said "opens everywhere in IMAX and Theaters..." so my interest was peaked. where i am there are no IMAX theaters for 200 miles, and so i was disappointed that i wouldn't get to see this movie in EPIC grandeur, but the opening day i was at a robotics competition in Ann Arbor, and we found an IMAX theater close to the hotel, so we pursuaded the adults of the trip to approve a bunch of us to go see 300. This movie was amazingly epic, and epic was the only word that did it justice. I found two flaws: 1) the sex scene in the beginning was unnecessary and if cut would have made the movie even more epic 2) when it ended, i wanted more, meaning i think it actually was too short... This is the first real epic since lord of the rings, and in my opinion outshone lord of the rings in a few facets (the battles in 300 are soooo amazing). This is the first movie i've seen in somewhere like ten years that has lived up to the trailer, the last ones being the Matrix and maybe V for Vendetta. OK content summary: No "colorful" language whatsoever, they say "hell" once, and its actually in the trailer when they say it. Message: good will always kick evil's @$$, its actually a good message, with retribution for evil as the main theme. No alcohol, but there is celebration and the oracle is blazed to the sky Sex: ok theres a weird sex scene, it felt drawn out, and the audience could definately see the passion in the woman's face, and theres an orgy-esque scene in Xerxes' was weird and exotic so big issue there Violence: just watch some of the youtube clips, theres tons of dismemberment and actually a couple disturbing decapitations, but overall this is really cartoony violence. halfway through the movie my friend leaned over to me and said "theres sooo much blood, but do you notice its not getting on people or sticking to the ground?" and though bloody, theres no mess... anyway. good movie, good action, well made, and lives up to the trailer too short for my liking but u can't get everything, and the sex was weird overall like 9.8/10
Adult Written bytessbabyy4 April 9, 2008

gladiator who??

300!!! Is one of the best old school war movies since Gladiator. There was never a dull moment and it didnt play by the rules. The nudity was ehh kinda over the top, the amount of boobs flashed wasn't completly necessary but it's not like we haven't all seen it before. The ending was one of the best im on the edge of my seat for a sequal. whoo-hew!
Kid, 7 years old April 9, 2008

The world depends on you seeing this movie!

This is a freaking amazing movie. If you go and see a rated "R" movie you have to expect that some of the content is going to be bad. Thus said, once that hurdle is jumped, the plot, cgi, acting, and about 1000 other things are done almost flawlessly in this movie. Go see it, or else...
Adult Written byLuke88 April 9, 2008


Definately a cult film status -different in style and not in the typical movie stye-- like a comic book video game effect at times--stylish--sexy--captivatng-- Much better than many of the recent battle epic and ancient war films.
Kid, 11 years old April 9, 2008

great movie

It was not that bad.Loads of action and gore. There is nudity sences too. Parents:see film first before kids.
Parent Written byDarcy16 April 9, 2008
Teen, 16 years old Written bydark rose April 9, 2008

almost as good as gladiator

omgosh!!!! i absolutely loved this movie. i was left with my mouth agape. the graphics are the best i've seen. the sex is graphic, but if you buy the dvd you can just skip over those scenes. everyone MUST see this
Teen, 14 years old Written byvisionary_surre... April 9, 2008

Stylized retelling of the Battle of Thermoplae

I thought the movie was not bad, although i would of enjoyed the real telling of the ancient battle of Thrmoplae. After being a fan of the graphic novel by the visionary Frank Miller i was somewhat dissapointed by the lack of sophisticated dialouge, which i admired from the graphic novel. Nonetheless comforting in 300 was the heavy-metal in some of the battle-scenes, which obviously did not fall in the leauge of historically accurate. Yet despite its flaws i enjoyed some of the battle-scenes, except they could not have added so much, in some instances, comical stylized violence. I thought King Leonida's wife played a good role, protecting her husband due to the contriversies of politics. Throughout 300, i think that the stylized blood is not at all bad because it's completely fanboyish and unrealistic. I think the s*x scene between the politicion and King Leonidas wife(I forgot her name) was completely unnecesary. Overall not a horrible movie, i found the the digital backround highly impressive along with a few other things, although i wish they told an accurate version of the battle of Thermoplae.
Adult Written bykara27 April 9, 2008

Very discusting!

Okay, so this movie is not only extremely bloody and gross but there is VERY graphic sexual scenes as well. First off the blood in this movie is..well...seen in almost EVERY scene. A mans head gets chopped off and you can see the insides as well as the graphic stabbings. As for the sex, there is a woman swaying in an exotic way and she isn't clothed. Although you cannot see genitals, you can kind of see her breasts through the cloth, in which her nipples are VERY visible. Later on in the beginning a woman is having sex and her breasts are completely visible and she is displayed having sex in many positions with a man. The there is also an illusion of an orgy. Woman are kissing each other and dancing erotic but in only two parts are breasts visible. This whole scene lasts for about a minute or two. I would not let my 15 year old see this. It was absolutely disgusting and unbelievably graphic. I DO NOT recommend this for ANY childs age.
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008

300 is the embodiment of the word "fun"

Be warned that this movie has lots of nudity and a ton of violence. However, this is truly an epic movie that is great for high schoolers and up. I recommend this movie to all adults who like actioners, but if you're younger than 13, stay away from this. Congrats to Zack Snyder (Dawn of the Dead remake) for making a true masterpiece.
Adult Written byBDIDDYGSW April 9, 2008
Adult Written bytrojanfan432 April 9, 2008

eye pleasing

This movie really got my adreniline rushing! a great movie for mid-teens and up! Though the plot is a little light you have to take the movie for what it is, a beautifully made, artsy actiomn flick
Teen, 17 years old Written bypitpens9091 April 9, 2008
Teen, 13 years old Written by300_Jaiyan_P3 April 9, 2008

A bit advanced, but is perfect for 13 year olds

Too Violent but still a good movie with awsome animation. Kids wil learn alot of history and appreciate more of Greek history. Although there are scnes that are not for kids, everyone knows things about adult life when they are 13 (MAYBE MATURE 13 year olds). Perfect timing, not too long, not too short, 2hours and 13 minutes. Unfortunately, it is rated R but it deserves a PG-13. (In Quebec, it's rated 13+) (I live in quebec).
Teen, 15 years old Written byshortiesukari4 April 9, 2008

Way better than i t first thought it would be

I first saw a poster for this film when i was in Baltimore, Maryland. When i got back to Washington, my brother brought the movie home. i wasnt very excited at first, but as soon as the movie started i was hooked until the end. i LOVED the battle scenes, and no matter what everyone else says, the plot is supposed to be overdone. because the movie is supposed to be based on a COMIC BOOK... the diolouge is sexy and entertaining, the story line is a little shallow, but of course, the movie is based on terrific fight scenes. I liked how you couldn't tell what part of the movie is shot on green screen or what was shot on site. but the best thing of all is all of the cute guys running around half naked... just kidding, but seriously good movie. not for kids under 10, (due to graphic violence, and strong sexual content, nudity etc.). most girls wouldnt like the movie, but i for one LOVED it.
Kid, 9 years old April 9, 2008

This movie is really cool, but definitly not OK...

...for my age. I could handle it. It has major sexual issues, tons of unnecessary nudity(unfortunately)and as everyone expected, tons o' violence. Well, with almost every issue in movies it's not appropriate right? Right. Don't get me wrong, this movie is amazing, and well-thought out. See it if you are 13+, or if you are a huge daredevil, 9+.
Teen, 14 years old Written byovechkin April 9, 2008

the BEST movie ever

i was hoping for a really realistic battle scene movie and that is just what i got. The movie 300 is my favorite movie that i have seen. It is true that it has a lot of bloody and sex scenes, but not that much to make a parent change their mind on letting their kid watch this movie. (especially if he really wants to) I had to study the war in history and watching the movie afterwards made it a lot clearer to me and made it a lot more interesting. WATCH THIS MOVIE!!! its awesome!!!