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Unsatisfying but sexed-up drama tackles controversial theme.

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Adult Written bywonder dove October 14, 2013

Loved it!

First of all, Commonsense has the characters' name's mixed up in the review (Tom is Roz's son and Ian is Lil's son.) I highly enjoyed this movie! I wasn't expecting much out of it, but actually loved the story. It was dramatic, heartbreaking & beautiful. The accents were good, actors did amazing. Lots of beach settings with surfing and swimming. It takes off with two normal fun-loving mothers who are best friends since childhood and take care of each other. They each have a son who are also best friends, Tom & Ian. When the surfer boys grow up into handsome young adults, Ian finally comes forward about his true feelings of love for Tom's mother Roz (Robin Wright) who is married and makes the first move by kissing her. She responds by kissing him back but you can tell she feels way over her head about it. When Tom quickly finds out and becomes upset, he kisses Ian's single mother Lil (Naomi Watts) for revenge, but realizes that he too is attracted to Ian's mom although doesn't share the same deep-down love that Ian has for Roz. When the two mother's discuss what is happening, they both confess that there's no reason to stop because they've never been happier. But when Tom goes to Sydney for a couple of months for education purposes, he meets another woman his age. From there, things change dramatically between both couples and everyone else around them. The scenery of Australia is absolutely breath-taking! The story is very engaging! Language is not frequent but does have one use of f-ing c**t, some uses of the f-word and also sh*t. Violence includes one fight in the water where a character bites a guy's leg, a surfer wipes out and hits rocks underwater, some arguments. Sexual content has passionate kissing, three sex scenes (partial nudity- mainly character's butts but no sensitive areas shown) it's passionate - includes one scene standing up, one scene in bed (girl on top) and one quick one on what looks like a chair. A woman lays naked but only her butt is shown. Characters are seen in bikinis. There is some flirting by a man at work who says he loves Lil before making a wrong assumption that she's a lesbian due to her close knit with Roz. Characters smoke quite a bit and drink with one scene of getting drunk but it's not emphasized. Content is okay for 16/17 and up!!!
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Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking