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Teen, 13 years old Written byjz2016cubs May 3, 2019

Great movie.

This movie has many cuss words, but also has lots of teamwork and friendship. It also has a major war scene. Not very gruesome though.

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Teen, 15 years old Written byHyperIAIsti May 3, 2019

Awesome Movie

The last movie of Marvel Avengers & an epic conclusion.
One word. Just the best

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Teen, 15 years old Written byperson 01 May 2, 2019

its great

It all depends on how your kid deals with violence and jokes.

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Teen, 15 years old Written byRhinoGamerHD May 2, 2019

greatest mcu movie!

i think this movie is a masterpiece. Infinity War is definitely better because it's unique.

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Teen, 13 years old Written byDanbail613 May 2, 2019

This intense “Part 2” to “Infinity War” is almost as epic as its predecessor.

Now, I must say I’ve been waiting for this movie for a very long time. I’ve been so excited about this movie! I have been waiting since they’ve been keeping the title secret. I was so enthusiastic when it finally came out. It is the perfect finale to the “Avengers” movies. Some people call it a sequel to Infinity War. But I think it’s more than a sequel, I think it basically is “Infinity War Part 2”, because this happens right after the events of Infinity War. And, these are the next half of the events they have to go through to try to stop Thanos (but I won’t spoil it, until the spoilers section).
And, by the way, this is my 2nd review of this, because I don’t know what happened to my original, but it was blotted off the website! I think it’s because I spoiled it before the ban was lifted. Even though I think that people ignored the “spoiler alert” warning! And it turned out, it mostly lived up to my expectations.

Everybody does a solid job. Josh Brolin still plays a great Thanos too, but gets less screen time than I thought. Captain America (played by Chris Evans) does awesome too, and he even has more screen time than Infinity War. So I was a little more impressed with him in this one than Infinity War. Thor and Hulk are both different, and you will have to see how they’re different, because it’s quite funny. Hawkeye has a lot of emotions,
too, especially when dealing with grief. Ant-Man has some super hilarious one-liners. Rocket has some funny lines, too, especially when he socializes with the Avengers. Black Widow even surprised me with some pretty good lines, including one about Rocket. I would have to say this is Black Widow’s best performance yet. But the standout in Endgame (in my opinion) is Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. He had some fantastic lines (and one-liners). He also had lots of emotion to deal with. And for his final MCU movie, it’s one of his best performances yet. Even though he always does spectacularly well.
And, for an Avengers finale, the story makes for the exact, appropriate finale. I thought that 3-hour runtime was necessary, because it’s difficult to think of a sequence that was boring. Unlike Fellowship Of The Ring, which needed some of the beginning cut. It’s unusual for me to say that about a 3-hour movie, which is part of the reason why I gave it the 5-star rating.
Now, the parents guide starts:
Positive Messages: Plenty. Teamwork, not giving up, etc.
Violence: Plenty of weapons (Double edged swords, shields, hammers, Thor’s axe, and a scene with missiles). Most of the battles are not as intense as the final battle. Some stabbing, and typical Marvel violence. Thanos almost wounds Thor with the Stormbreaker. There is a scene where Hawkeye is now a vigilante named Ronin in Tokyo, and he slays a bunch of drug dealers with his sword. One scene in the beginning might be frightening for kids under 12 or 13, but I’ll tell you about it in the spoiler section. There is another scene where tons of missiles are fired. The violence isn’t as frequent as Infinity War, but Endgame is still very action-packed.
Sex: None.
Language: There is some occasional strong language, which is a tad more frequent than Infinity War. The “s” word is used 10 times (but not as frequent as that sounds, not as much as Happy Gilmore uses), once as “b.s.”, and once with “horse”. In one scene, Tony’s 5 year-old daughter overhears him saying the “s” word, and then repeats it. The “a” word is used 5 times. The “S.O.B” word is used once by Captain America, who also drops the “s” and “a” word both once. The “d-head” word is used twice by Korg, the second time is a little hard to hear, but it’s in the same scene. The strongest profanity that’s used, is when the “G.D.” word is used twice, once by Ant-Man, and once by Hawkeye. Like I’ve said in all of my reviews, when this comes out on home video, I recommend you guys mute this word.
Drinking or Drugs: Not a bunch, but see in the spoiler section.
Anyways, even though this was not quite as outstanding as Infinity War, I think that it’s close to it. It’s a necessary sequel, and I absolutely recommend it.
Review Update: The spoiler ban is lifted. Now please do not report on this review if I spoil it, because I worked hard, and I don’t want it deleted again. I will put a warning just in case! People, please do not ignore this warning, because I feel like everyone ignored it when it was DELETED off the website!
Spoiler alert! If you don’t want spoilers, evacuate this review immediately. Just do NOT report on it please. The spoiler ban is lifted. I will give away some details, but hopefully it won’t be considered excessive.
The story does focus a lot on time travel, and that’s part of the reason why I liked it so much. And most of it is set 5 years after Infinity War, so there are some major character changes.
The whole “Professor Hulk” idea was fascinating, even though he doesn’t get as angry as usual. I think that my favorite character change would be.
But I think my favorite character change would be the brilliantly hilarious idea of turning Thor into a fat guy.
Great characters, and in the time travel sequences, there are even some flashbacks from previous MCU movies.
I do have to admit, my favorite time travel sequence in this movie is probably when Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Ant-Man time travel back in 2012 from the Chitauri Invasion.
I also thought it was funny when Nebula & War Machine time traveled to Morag to steal the Orb from Star-Lord. The scene with Thor and Rocket has some humorous parts, and Thor has turned in to quite a pansy.
The last 30 minutes of the movie is a huge fight scene which is also fantastic.
Again! Do not read this if you don’t want to be spoiled! Beware! Here come the fatalities.
So, by the way everyone comes back except Heimdall, Loki (who luckily makes an appearance in the New York timeline), and Vision. But I’m unclear about if Gamora’s back to life or not. Gamora from 2014 came back, but this timeline came before she knew the Guardians, unfortunately.
In the beginning, Hawkeye and his family are having lunch. Then, all of the sudden, he turns around, and his family’s disintegrated (because of the snap). But they come back.
Thanos dies twice. Once in the beginning, where they ambush Thanos at his new home world,
and Thor uses his axe to chop off Thanos’ gauntlet. But, the stones are missing. Thanos tells them he destroyed the stones, so the snap could be irreversible. Which is the reason why the right half of Thanos’ face noticeably looks like a toasted marshmallow. Thor gets mad at Thanos, and uses the Stormbreaker to decapitate Thanos. Not graphic, but skip for 11 and under. I’ll tell you the other time Thanos does soon.
Hawkeye and Black Widow time-travel to Vormir to obtain the Soul Stone. When they hear from the Red Skull what needs to happen in order to obtain the stone, Hawkeye and Black Widow fight each other. But it ends up, Black Widow sacrificed herself, although Hawkeye disapproved.
And although NOBODY dies in this scene, this is also pretty intense. After a brief discussion between the Avengers about who will resurrect the decimated heroes, Professor Hulk is the one who ends up reversing the Decimation. He puts on the new infinity gauntlet that Iron Man made, and you can see it tearing up his arm, and it looks like charcoal. He struggles to snap, but he manages to do it. He passes out, but he ends up being fine. This happens before the final battle.
Nebula’s present self, kills her 2014 self.
So, how does Thanos come back? Nebula’s 2014 self opened a portal and it brought Thanos and his army back through the current timeline. It starts when the missiles are fired at the Avengers Headquarters. At the end, when Iron Man obtains the stones, he snaps his fingers, and Thanos’ army, and even Thanos himself disintegrates. But, the radiation of the stones sadly kills Iron Man. Even then, after he dies, you get to see a sweet message he recorded to his wife and daughter. I was tempted to cry during the ending, but somehow, I handled it. At least the actor is still alive, he's a tremendous actor. RIP Iron Man, one of the MVPs of the MCU.

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Teen, 15 years old Written byA.Ham May 1, 2019

Absolutely beautiful ending to such a fantastic installment.

Definitely 13 or 14 plus for some intense scenes, but anyone older than 11 could potentially handle it. The last scene made me really happy (my favorite mcu couple got together).

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Teen, 14 years old Written byRandom Kiwi May 1, 2019

Absolutely up to my expectation!!

After watching Avengers: Infinity War (the previous movie), there were huge expectations for this movie. Usually the more people expect out of a film, the more likely the audience will be disappointed after watching the film. But trust me, you will NOT be disappointed with this movie.
There is a big difference with Endgame and Infinity War.
Firstly, there’s less violence and action. It’s much more emotional, which was a small surprise for me since I hadn’t ever cried when watching Marvel. The soundtrack matched perfectly with this film.
This movie is more appropriate for children since there’s less violence and swearing, and no sex. Even though I had recommended the movie for children over 10 years, I would still say children over the age of 12 would understand the movie better.
Overall, this is the best movie I’ve watched this year.
Note too readers: You HAVE to watch Avengers: Infinity War before watching this movie. Otherwise you won’t understand a thing of what’s going on.

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Teen, 14 years old Written bylindengrace May 1, 2019
Kid, 11 years old May 1, 2019

The best!

This movie is the coolest and funniest! Worth watching again and again!

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Teen, 17 years old Written byMCUfan32 May 1, 2019

The Payoff is legendary

This movie is the best movie of all time.It perfectly culminates the entire MCU and is really cool.A bit of language here and there,low for the MCU.It is quite a bit graphic though and the a few scenes are heartbreakingly emotional.That said,it totally adds up to the awesome movie experience.Go check it out.

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Teen, 13 years old Written byTom Tom April 30, 2019

The greatest of 2019

I've just seen Avengers: Endgame (2019) and it was the greatest moment I've ever experienced. If you read this review, first I had to warn you that there would be spoilers. I laughed and cried and sometimes I cheered for unusual and things I wanted to happen.
The acting was way better than last time in Avengers: Infinity War (2018). I really am impressed, especially Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans, they're the best!
The actions and fight scenes were the most EPIC. The scenes were mostly unforgettable. I could remember a lot after watching it for the first time. Every character were there (except Vision, Black Widow (cuz she's dead) and maybe M'Baku (I haven't seen him). There were portals everywhere and the final battle was a lot better than I had expected. Here are my top 10 best scenes of the movie:
1. "Portals" or "Avengers Assemble" 2. Iron-Man's Death and Funeral
3. Cap Wields Mjolnir 4. Banner mixed brains and brawns together into Professor Hulk
5. Cap shared a dance with Peggy Carter (extremly emotional) 6. Black Widow's sacrifice
7. Thor chops off Thanos' head 8. Thor joins the Guardians of the Galaxy
9. Cap, Iron-Man and Thor vs Thanos 10. Iron-Man and Nebula reunited to the remaining Avengers
Some scenes were hilarious like Thor changed into an overweight man and ate junk food, drank beer and played Fortnite with Korg. Some were emotionally sad like when Iron-Man died and his funeral was attended by lots of people, when Cap shared his dance with his wife Peggy Carter that he never had time to do that (the saddest part of that scene was the song, I cried so much) and Black Widow sacrificed for the soul stone. The lines were really iconic to me like "I am inevitable" by Thanos and Iron-Man's last words before he snapped his fingers "And" or when Ant-Man called Cap’s buttocks “America’s Ass” (that was funny cuz Cap’s butts are…big”.. It was so strange was that Steve Rogers retired being Captain America but I was glad that The Cap generation passed on to someone else and it was Falcon (Sam Wilson). Also I’m impress what they had done to Hulk, mixing his self and Hulk’s strength (brains and brawns) into Professor Hulk (that’s how they called) but I had a thought that they had ruined Thor (his big belly and “hobo” hair) but it was still fine because no matter how he changed, he was still a hero and he still remained funny. And I wondered: If this was Stan Lee’s last cameo, it had to be special but it turned out to be a 70s young version of him in a car driving. Not special at all, is it?
The sountrack was marvelous, better than in Infinity War. Alan Silvestri did an excellent job, especially "Portals", I liked that one most. The Marvel Studios intro wasn't how I expected it to be. It was a little unsuitable but I liked the song and when Cap danced ith Peggy, the song “it’s been a long long time” was 100% suitable which made the scene unforgettable and of course, sad also made the ending one of the best superhero movie endings.
The movie's 3 hours and 1 minute was well-used. No scenes were useless or unnecessary at all. The ending was moving but perfect and someday, I wanted to watch this again and again. I just hope it would deserve 2020's Oscars's Best Picture, Best VFX, Best Original Score, Best Costumes and more. Avengers: Endgame is the greatest movie of 2019 and perhaps one of the best of the 2010s and maybe of all time. This was one of the movies that gave me a lot of emotions and being a blend of actions, humor and heart. This is a MUST-SEE. Also, I don’t rate this 9.8 because I’m a big Marvel fan, but I am being fair to the point means the movie deserved a 9.8. I just hope it topped Avatar (2009) at the box office. Now it’s being $1,223,641,414 worldwide.

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Teen, 13 years old Written byStella Grant April 30, 2019

Really Amazing movie!!!!

Like actually this movie was amazing. Didn't want to watch it because I thought Marvel was for people who were into comic books and stuff, but it was really good. My friend invited me, so I started binge watching most Marvel Movies and realized they were good. This is definitely one of my favorite movies, but I am am really sad that there are no more avengers movies. I'm pretty sure Spiderman far away from home is the last one. I personally think the best Marvel character is Spiderman. Definitely recommend everyone to watch this movie.
Teen, 13 years old Written byBlogsByJared April 30, 2019

Avengers: Endgame, What To Know

It is an amazing conclusion to the "Infinity Saga"(the first 22 MCU movies). It is appropriate for children ages 10 and up, as it contains many scenes of violence. The movie may also be harder to follow for younger children. Overall, it is an amazing movie!

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Teen, 16 years old Written byPranav45 April 30, 2019

Spoiler Alert

It is a great movie but not at his best. There was not a single fight of HULK vs THANOS . In Avengers movies, Thor is the strongest character, but in this movie, his role was too weak, which make me sad. Yes, I know, Thor was in pain, but this does not mean he became weak, fatty and emotional. Insted of that, this movie is awesome. 8/10
Teen, 14 years old Written byJulianna R April 30, 2019


This movie had a very good ending to the whole Avengers movies. I feel like the few things I do have to say is there is a very fair amount of language, and it can be the whole joke of the scene. It also can be very emotionally tolling, with a fair share of people not returning to the MCU. It is also a solid 3 hours long, so I would recommend (if you're watching it at home) to split it up into two parts. Otherwise, fantastic!

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Teen, 15 years old Written byEllieDuncan April 29, 2019

Best Movie Ever!!!!

It was amazing!!!! I’m not going to spoil it but it was the best movie ever!! There was a bit of swearing such as about 8 uses of s**t 2 uses of GD about 10 uses of h*ll about 7 uses of d**n 1 use of d**k and 1 use of b***h and about 6 uses of a**. As far as sexual content there’s really none except for a joke about a characters butt. There is violence but relatively no blood. There is some drinking by one character they drink a lot. Overall Great Movie!!!!
Teen, 16 years old Written bysandra.brunt April 29, 2019


it's the best movie through out the whole world not only that but the powers that has been used by different characters.
Teen, 14 years old Written byMacgyver the second April 29, 2019

Not the end.

The best Marvel film yet. Forget everything you think you know. This will blow you away. I was a little uncertain as to whether marvel would be able to pull off another film with such a giant cast, but they totally exceeded all my expectations. Age 13 and up for violence.

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Teen, 16 years old Written by.meowmaybe April 29, 2019

The end of an era

PLEASE watch the first Captain America and Infinity War movies first, if not all the other Avengers movies. I would also advise to watch Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, and both Guardians of the Galaxy movies.
PROS: A satisfying ending to an already epic saga. Try to go to an evening show, the audiences usually get more hyped at these showings, and it's more fun to watch when the people around you are cheering/crying with you.
CONS: Not exactly an Oscar winner as there are relatively few surprises. After several days, I still can't wrap my head around the logic surrounding the plot.
FOR PARENTS: Please just make sure you watch as many Marvel movies as you can before seeing it, your experience will be much better.

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Kid, 10 years old April 29, 2019

Spectacular movie is a must-watch for fans of the MCU.

This movie is spectacular!!!!

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