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This explosion movie is a complete bomb.

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Adult Written byWhatdoIthink? April 9, 2008
Although quite violent, this movie is very good and acceptable for most kids 13+. Banderas is great at making action movies.
Teen, 16 years old Written byevolinag December 2, 2012

Explosions, action, weak dialogues and more explosions. PG-13 levels of violence!

"Ballistic" is an action thriller by Kaos, starring Lucy Liu and Antonio Banderas. What does it take to make an action movie? Explosions, combat fights, chasing scenes, shoot-outs and finally, even bigger explosions. "Ballistic" is a phenomenon. Even though the action sequences are actually well choreographed, there is a limit on how much action is agreeable. At one point of the movie, you will find yourself saying: "Stop! This is too much." 90 per cent of the movie are fighting or chase scenes, with only 10 per cent remaining for plot and dialogues. And even this 10 per cent are incredibly silly and illogical. There are huge plot holes, dull dialogues and stiff performances. The ending is extremely questionable and stupid. You will find yourself asking how exactly Lucy Liu did what she did. At least you can say that the action is pretty well done, but even the best visuals can be overblown if too much. ----------------------------------------------------- Overall, this movie is non-stop shooting, combat fighting and explosions. There is almost no blood, there are no disturbing scenes and the violence does not seem too brutal. Unlike in "The Matrix", where there was one part which glorified violence, the violence in "Ballistic" seems trivial. The amount of violence - rather action - is huge, but still it is not graphic or disturbing. And actually could have passed at PG-13. The language in this movie is not too strong, s**t and b***h are used, but no stronger terms, and nothing R-rated. Should be okay for teens and up.
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Too much violence