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Some tense moments in Disney's nature documentary.

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Parent Written byDude's Mom April 23, 2014

Bears- The first movie we got through without tears

My son is nearly 6, and has generally found all movies scary, all the time. He saw his first in-theatre movie a few months ago (at his request) and he stated he would not go back, ever. (It involved his favourite building blocks.) However, he watched the Bears previews with me, and he asked to see the movie, and he really enjoyed it- even said he would go back with his Dad. Somehow, the live action with the bears was much easier for him to manage than anything animated. He was a bit worried at times, but not to the point that he was demanding to leave. As an adult, I found it enjoyable, though definitely a bit Disney-fied. I was surprised that they so openly showed the cubs nursing on the one hand, and then the fish being eaten alive the next. The filming is spectacular, and many of the scenes are just amazing to watch. I found the narration a bit trite, but it suited the almost 6-year-old sense of humour -he's still repeating lines almost a week later and laughing madly so clearly he enjoyed it. Overall - a big hit for us, and it opened the door to more movies in our future - though perhaps just documentaries for now! :)
Educator and Parent Written bysarahlefton April 20, 2014

Great unexpected fun

My four year old son is riveted by anything on a screen and likes action. He did not find the little animal dramas scary at all even though I was nervous that he would. He unexpectedly was most interested not in the bears but in the underwater scenes of salmon.
Parent of a 8 year old Written byParentof1 April 20, 2014

Great Family film

I really liked this movie, it was refreshing to have something to watch as a family that is appropriate for children, educational and still entertaining. I liked the narrator, he was funny. It was written well and had good music so it made scenes that would normally be slow and boring for kids, more interesting. There are scenes that show the animals as scary to younger or sensitive children.
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Great messages
Parent of a 5 year old Written byacey0791 April 19, 2014

Great Family Movie

We thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I have a very sensitive 5 year old, who loves animals. He loved the movie, and laughed at the bears antics and rooted them on the whole time. This light, fun movie was great for us. The only tension is when the male bears or a wolf is around. The build up is short and the narrator does a great job of keeping it mild.
Kid, 12 years old January 13, 2015


Nothing new or exciting to it. This movie is just like every other animal documentary. The main focus was on two cub bears and a mother bear. Then again, like every animal documentary, it showed what they eat , their habits , how they get food, how they face other animals, how they grow, how they learn and how they face the enviroment. At some points I thought the movie was boring and repetitave. Even though it was only 1 hour and 19 minutes long ( Which is pretty short in movie terms) it still could have been trimmed to a 40 minute documentary that could have been aired as a special on Disney Channel. I have to say though, the film footage was outstanding!!There were some visualy beautiful camera shots and alot of close-up shots of the animals as well! In some parts you could see the bears eating other animals with some blood, as well as a few moments of death and danger ( Though nothing that even a 3 year old could not handle). Overall, though it was sometimes boring , dull and repetitave it had good role models and messages! Kids 3-10 would probably enjoy the movie most, but older kids may find it boring.
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Great role models
Kid, 8 years old May 14, 2015

Outstanding family film has no violence, swearing, or racy stuff.

My rating G, all good for all families.
Teen, 13 years old Written byFoxyRoxyGirl March 14, 2016


I loved this movie. The filming is amazing. There are just a few tense moments when cubs get lost of chased and there are bear fights. A great family movie. It might be a little bit slow for younger kids. My 7 year old cousin got bored and stopped watching it. I personally loved it and i think it is a good movie for any age group.