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Bug comedy teaches lessons about sibling relationships.

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Parent Written byMargert-jerry August 29, 2014
The movie has scary wasp-like aliens That send two aliens to earth looking like humans, the old lady one becomes the baby sitter to main characters the other alien is creepy and sorta obsessed with the kids, and he breaks in to there house often, he seems like a creepy pedophile the whole movie. There is some language they swear in the alien language often and the little girl calls the boy a "perv". The little boy acts like a creep a few times saying "then Christmas will come early for the girls". When talking about turning back in to a human, naked at school. The creepy alien watches two people kissing and then trys to kiss the girl before getting punched out. It's hard to tell if you are supposed to be on the little girls side of the little boys side at first because they both seem to be a little rude but they are both sweet little kids they remind me of the kids that live down the street except the little boy is much less passive in the movie. Karen finds out the (not real) beetle her brother turned in to only lives for two days the little boy dose not die, but it seems like he has a few times. It's supposed to teach about love and caring for each other. The acting is very bad I've heard one of my friends recite lines better in his sleep. the comedy is very very low brow some of it actually made me feel sad, like the boy that sits in front of the little girl who had the same hair cut as the love interest but had glasses I was sad that we was supposed to be laughing at him. Also there was a cap driver with an bad and kinda offensively stereotypical Italian accent. I'm probably forgetting a bunch of things but, I don't recommend this movie to anyone, it's not very good.
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Too much violence
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Too much swearing
Parent Written byElizabett July 6, 2013

Refreshingly silly movie with slap stick comedy the whole family will enjoy

Despite sibling rivalry - the children discover they really love each other and it is fantastically goofy and funny.
Teen, 13 years old Written byDiscernmentCop November 9, 2016


We saw this on Pure Flix and they had a scene where the girl called her brother a perv. I expected a silly movie, not one with an Animaniacs-type innuendo. On the bright side, there's a lesson
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Great messages
Too much swearing
Kid, 12 years old October 1, 2016

Adorable And Hilarious Family Flick Your Kids Will Love!

This film is great! The storyline is cute, the CGI is good, the acting is good and expressive, and the entire movie itself was adorable! Kids under the age of 11 will find this film HILARIOUS. Even older kids may be interested in this film, especially ones who like bugs. Overall, this film is funny and cute and I recommend it for a Family Movie Night film.
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