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Parent reviews for Bumblebee

Common Sense says

Better-than-expected Transformers prequel is big on action.
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Parents say

age 11+
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age 10+
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Adult Written byZiggyz January 4, 2019

Beware of language

I wish I had done my research before allowing my children to watch this movie. I was actually the family member pushing to see it. I liked how the trailers showed a personal side to the transformer, and the movie looked funny. I really did enjoy the story, the robot and the hurting teenage girl connected with the audience. What absolutely RUINED the movie was the language. There were too many curse words to count. My daughter asked to leave because it was too much for her. My boys assured me they knew not to speak like the people in the movie and asked to stay. However, when they give their opinion of Bumblebee to their friends they DO NOT RECOMMEND IT AND ARE EMBARRASSED TO SAY THEY SAW IT. Without the unnecessary language, this movie would have been fantastic. If you are guarding what your children hear you should skip this movie.

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Adult Written byDragonSlayers2oo December 22, 2018

Bumblebee movie

I think it is the best movie.
Adult Written byBeefhash December 8, 2018

Fun with heart and good action.

Would definitely recommend this for Transformers fans and 80's nostalgia. Great references and feels. Not a perfect movie but a lot of character development, great acting and really bring back the fun of Transformers. Violence is bloodless for the most part, some death and robot maiming. Could be too intense for some kids, but I wouldn't put the violence above anything they show in star wars. A few four letter words and inter-relational mentions, but fairly light. It's a funny action film with heart.
Adult Written byGSWes2018 January 1, 2019

I feel like I actually met the real Transformers

They did it! Bumblebee is a Transformers story grown up like its original fans and a fresh new start for young fans. This film would hold its own with the best of the Marvel films. I'm serious. It's a complete reboot, a revolution in the Transformer cinematic world. It's the start of something special and has a formula that could be repeated over and over with other Transformer's characters building up to an enormous film on the scale of Avengers. This is a movie that only gets better the more you watch it, which is a testimony to its quality. The ONLY weakness of the film is that it had to repair the damage done by Michael Bay. This is why the movie is better the second and third time. The first viewing leaves you thinking, "It was really good," but the second viewing just leaves you with so much joy and pride that you can hardly believe what you saw. It has everything you could want! Action, loss, struggle, conflict, evil, and bright-shining goodness that will leave a deep impression on your soul. It displays a friendship that will rip your heart out! Honestly, I cried several times during the movie because the relationship between the girl and the Transformer was so touching! The Decepticons were believably menacing–even evoking emotions similar to the Terminator movies. They were dangerous beings. But they weren't two-dimensional villains. They had personality, motive, and intelligence. The action scenes were excellent! Here's the amazing thing–they were better than the Michael Bay action scenes, which really says something. You would think Bay would be the best at action since he fills his movies with ceaseless action. But things are only great by contrast. Bumblebee demonstrates the power of well-placed action in a well-paced story. Action scenes are 100 times better if the characters fighting are characters you really care about. And let me tell you, you will care about Bee. You're gonna fall in love with him and you're gonna root for him and for Charlie. I just can't say enough! Well done!! See this movie several times! I'm telling you, you won't regret it.

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Parent Written byJem P. December 29, 2018

A good, entertaining enough for 11 year+

There're some scenes violent for children under 10, so I want to mention them for other families; 1. Some Decepticons kill Autobots by cutting the bodies completely to the half. Since they're not humans, no blood and doesn't appeal as violent, but want you to know. 2. The main blue Decepticon villain is cruel and likes to kill humans by shooting. When he does, humans turn to transparent liquid mess, so prepare their hearts for it since it's surprising to see how humans become transparent liquid suddenly. 3. Bumblebee is badly beaten and his voice cord is taken out by a Decepticon cruelly, but as I mentioned above, since it's a repairable robot and no blood, thus it doesn't seem as violent . Overall, it was a good movie and we were never bored. For parents, you'll enjoy OST filled with 80's music since the background era is in 80's. Our 11-year-old boy really enjoyed seeing the robot fighting scenes and the transformations of Bumblebee. However, for the children under 8, the movie boring in the middle for 1 hour because except for the beginning 30 minutes and the end 30 minutes, the movie is slow and there's NO action, mainly focusing on emotional parts of Bumblebee and Charlie (the teenager main character) / Preview is 20 minutes, so plan accordingly if they need to go to bathrooms
Parent of a 18+ year old Written byJoshua H. December 27, 2018

Finally, a family friendly Transformers

No sexual content (at least not as much as the Michal Bay ones), very mild language that was few and far between. I wouldn't need to fast forward anything for the little ones! It's great
Parent of a 10 year old Written byjessvargas December 23, 2018

Nostalgic Transformers at it's best!

My husband and 10 year old son loved this movie. I'm not sure which one loved it more. It's full of 1980's nostalgia and little nods to the original Transformers cartoon. My son and husband were in Transformers heaven talking about this movie for hours afterwards. Beneath all the Transformers stuff, there was a real family friendly story that felt more like the family movies I grew up with than the current movies. There is a little more violence than I would like, it's bloodless but still a little unnecessary but overall an excellent family movie.

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Positive role models
Parent of a 18+ and 18+ year old Written bynuenjins April 25, 2019

Predictable, boring and WAY too long. Painfully wasted potential.

Aside from 2 brief nostalgic throwback scenes, the movie repeats an Iron Giant, E.T. plot that drags on forever to tedium. After the first half hour you're LONGING for more of the intro scene as the touchy, feely is dialed up to 11 with way too much padded screen time. With all the work put into creating so many nostalgic characters, they are barely used for brief moments and then just gone. They would have done better to reboot fresh and sever all ties to the Michael Bay films as you watch most of the potential be flushed away with more obscure, unrecognizable charecters instead of using familiar faces in the main story. No true personalities really shine through and everything starts to feel as bland, uninspired and generic as Jon Cenas' acting. So at almost 2 hours, even the action fluff towards the end becomes tedium as you wait for it's inevitable outcome.
Adult Written byProulxmama4 April 7, 2019

Some language, but overall great!

I have 4 boys ages 4-13 so it is VERY challenging to find movies that make everyone happy without being too intense for the littlest! We are pretty strict about movies in general and have only allowed our kids to see a handful of PG-13 movies. That being said, we have been willing to make some compromises in regards to language and action that we wouldn’t have made when our first kid was 4 years old. This movie does have some language (shit, damn, “Jesus”). But we were willing to let that slide because over all it’s a lighthearted and fun movie. There are some action packed fight scenes, but nothing was too scary for our 4 year old and there is pretty much zero sexual content. A husband and wife kiss once and there is a mean girlfriend that wears skimpy clothes, but that is it. My 12 year old even commented “finally a movie that doesn’t end with kissing!” Ha! The Romance between Charlie and the boy next door is very sweet and innocent. And The relationship between Charlie and Bumblebee is also very heartwarming. They were great characters! The whole family loved it. All in all, I would recommend it for a wide age range, if you can overlook some language issues.

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Adult Written byNeon 999 April 5, 2019


It's not offensively bad like other transformers films but it's so medicore and unspecial i think i'd rather watch the other transformers sequels content wise it's fine for 9 and up
Adult Written byLaur28209 April 3, 2019

Amazing humor; lots of violence

I absolutely love this movie and I recommend this movie to children and their parents, but I don’t recommend this movie to people who can’t stand lots of action in movies or can’t stand action at all. Lots of the scenes consist of shooting, bombing, and robotic scenes.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written bymovieman48 April 1, 2019


I took my eight year-old grandson to see this and his comment was 'Awesome!' so I take it this has appeal to kids. It's basically 'Herbie meets the Transformers', the story of how a robot transforms into a VW Beetle and forms a relationship with a young girl (the superb Hailee Steinfeld) which is absolutely charming. There is a lot of mock violence so I wouldn't recommend it for young kids - one little boy up the row from me had to be taken out as he cried every time the transformers fought - so be careful. But as a family entertainment for kids of about 8 and over this is good. The special effects are special!
Adult Written byPipeCine March 3, 2019

The rebirth of a franchise that finds gold in regression

The "Transformers" film series was up to its neck in problems for a very long time; "The Last Knight" was the straw that broke the camel's back and suggested, albeit only for a couple of weeks, the steel-made extravagance the fiercest Michael Bay once conceived was off. Critics, in outline, abhorred increasingly each new installment; however, more people exponentially turn up at the movies to strive to understand the superhero-level set-pieces and to elude the heavy-handed, daft, confusing mythology writers and directors made up for every two-hour-plus nonsense on screen with more difficulty and less success. Punishingly overlong, self-indulgent, inflated and uber-pretentious; the numbers, out of the blue, took a nosedive, needless to say, there was no historic underperformer, but against billion-dollar "Dark of the Moon" and "Age of Extinction," downfall was close at hand, and it's crystal-clear messing with studios' money is the only way an American major reworks and recasts its shaky structures. Many might say that they're just getting started, but in view of the final result, a stripped-down flick has been the cleverest move. The project of a prequel/spin-off centered on one of its two most emblematic characters came up from out of nowhere. At the same time, as the idea was taking shape by signing director, screenwriter and leading actress up, half the world went bananas trying to predict what kind of film Paramount Pictures was cooking up. I can say with absolute conviction that this is easily the best "Transformers" movie to date. Considering those responsible for such remarkable production, you could never picture the dazzling, moving end product. Bay, hated and loved equally, comes back, but just as a producer, which denotes a good, significant step up. An act of redemption by screenwriter Christina Hodson, guilty of shamefully careless screenplays such as "Unforgettable" by Denise Di Novi or "Shut In" by Farren Blackburn. Director Travis Knight is a wholly different story; nominated twice for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature for the lyrical stop-motion feats "Kubo and the Two Strings" and "The Boxtrolls." American singer Hailee Steinfeld has shaped an acting career brimming with victories, with an Oscar nomination for her practically flawless performance as Mattie Ross in Coen Brothers' "True Grit" and one Golden Globe for her unique Nadine in "The Edge of Seventeen," my favorite coming of age film— Bo Burnham's highly praised "Eighth Grade" is still waiting in my bucket list. — BAFTA nominee Enrique Chediak has been the director of photography of nothing but "28 Weeks Later" and "127 Hours." Oscar-winner Dario Marianelli has been the composer of sound art pieces and masterpieces such as "Paddington 2," "Darkest Hour," "Anna Karenina," "Pride & Prejudice" and "Atonement." These are the heterogeneous ingredients of a film that surprises not only for its tonal metamorphosis with respect to its predecessors, but the heart, vigor, and simplicity the film uses to weave its story. "Bumblebee" is a nostalgia-driven adventure of unsuspected narrative force, focusing on ever-present themes that movies don't get tired of digging into and, why not, mixing up such as friendship, adolescence and growing up with a doubtless 80s flavor, a time the film takes advantage of. Setting it somewhere between the most fantastic John Carpenter, "Stripes," The Smiths and A-ha is the right time to get rid of any dispensable hassle, going back to basics and staying there, it's just Charlie and the 1967 Volkswagen Beetle in a survival race; zero Bayhem. The film takes its time to set up the underpinnings and to present our heroine's dramatic arch, a young woman struggling to come to grips with her father's sudden death. She lives among abandoned vehicles, car relics, and teenager gloom; on her birthday, she ends up acquiring a beat-up, tiny yellow car, a vehicle that becomes her confidant, her bestie. We've already heard this story a thousand times, but let's face it: no one on planet Earth can resist clever, poignant feel-good movies, no matter time, place or mood, this always enjoyable sub-genre will get followers in large part for how easy it is to identify yourself and get along with the characters. Besides, due to Mr. Bay's pyrotechnic filmmaking, it was exciting to imagine such a story starring Bumblebee, in the 80s. The final result couldn't be better. Charlie receives a careful treatment, unfolding her wounds and trying to heal them so honestly that the most dramatic moments are painfully stabbing. Bumblebee receives a dignified narrative background as well: he and his species are being hunted by a pair of Decepticons, which allows displaying the high-sounding, better-handled action sequences with finesse. The funniest, most emotional, tender character-driven moments take place in the first forty-five minutes of footage, a long period where Charlie finds and meets the naïve steel-made creature, where she tries to communicate with, instruct and teach him that the world in which he's stranded isn't a human-sized paradise. The story points at the big finale alongside, via small doses of the trademark complicated, sometimes unintelligible terminology and chronology. The second half of the flick is out-and-out pure spectacle, harmonized by John Cena, Jorge Lendeborg Jr. and measured yet helpful comedy shots amidst the Herculean battles. Knight ultimately carries out his duties by hooking the audience up and tearing apart their hearts, knowing beforehand that coming-of-age-like sub-genres could not be part of the franchise again. The set-pieces, as opposed to those of its predecessors, like the film itself, are much more restrained and compelling, not so groovy or showy because of a realism beautifully rendered with impressive digital effects that, even without high-resolution IMAX screens, endows action sequences with humanizing character. There is a good lack of predictability threatening to eliminate core characters just mid-story through unexpectedly raw images that kids will struggle to bear, excluding PG-13 carnage, a handful of murders amusingly reduced to plasma. Certain continuity, pace and editing errors should be attributed to editor Paul Rubell, however, as a coherent whole, it is a resonant, overly enjoyable popcorn film that will delight all kinds of audiences, even the devotees of Bay and his exuberant filmmaking style. Technically and artistically speaking, it's excellently made, the camera moves with finesse and puts special focus on the development scenes like this saga had never seen before, holding their feelings and tones and throwing them to the viewer; it's praiseworthy that every scene gets a precise treatment which justifies its place in the footage. The '80s references and easter-eggs are juicy and countless both physically and spiritually, as each frame tries to unfold the life of the protagonist in a time of iconic clothing and hairstyle, female liberation, music history, political riot, and scientific discoveries. "Bumblebee" by Travis Knight gives life and hope to a franchise in its death throes through Steinfeld's charming, sincere performance, the heart of a script based on friendship and forgiveness, and the emotional narrative control that Travis stamps in all his movies. Without warning, the "Transformers" film franchise rises from the ashes, and despite its post-credits scene suggests a risky return formalized by Paramount Pictures' brand-new measures, it's better we rejoice now in the candor and simplicity of a film jam-packed with underlying shrewdness.

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Adult Written byJunaid2910 February 12, 2019

Amazing story, strong acting

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Adult Written byJohn L. January 20, 2019


First off I taught this movie was going to be bad but thanks to TRAVIS KNIGHT I was wrong. This is a great coming of age action packed story that I enjoyed very much. It's heartfelt and charming not like the MICHAEL BAY movies. Definitely a must see and I hope they continue this franchise just like this movie.

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Adult Written bythaminduk January 14, 2019

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Positive role models
Adult Written byStingex January 13, 2019

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Positive role models
Adult Written byEli Rogerson January 5, 2019

It explains a lot about the other movies

It’s a pretty great movie
Adult Written byCharlie007 January 5, 2019

Very good for adult viewers

Young adults and older ones as well will enjoy this very action packed movie which reminds a viewer vaguely of the hit movies Short Circuit and even an ET. The lead role is a young lady is going through a traumatic period in her life immersed in the memories of her father and through a chance encounter fate allows her an adventure of lifetime when she becomes involved when alien scientific robots are pitted against each other in a struggle for not only Earthly survival but planetary survival for the home of Bumblebee as well.. Our story becomes very intriguing as a very special yellow VW Beetle comes bumping into this young lady's life. This flick should be given two thumbs up for following a very good story line making the viewer become immersed in this action packed sci-fi flick. Good job on this one as too often there is little if any human reaction story-line placed into movies.
Adult Written byCoolies1 January 3, 2019

Very enjoyable

My husband and I really enjoyed seeing this movie with our 11 year old grandson. He enjoyed it too, and said he would give it a five as well. From him; “Bumblebee was very interesting and there was a lot of detail about the background and lots of action. Also loved seeing John Cena in the movie. This is one of my favorite movies. “