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Parent reviews for Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

Common Sense says

Book-based adventure is fun ... if you like potty humor.
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Parents say

age 7+
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age 6+
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Adult Written byLflin June 11, 2017

Terrible message

This is not a movie I would normally choose to see, but we were invited for a birthday party. I hated this movie, but not because of the expected infantile humor. The smart character with glasses who doesn't understand the jokes is one of the villains simply because he doesn't think the main characters are funny. As the parent of a kid on the autism spectrum who often doesn't get the jokes, I think this is a terrible message to send to children.
Adult Written byE U July 1, 2017

missed opportunity

My daughter really enjoys the books - seems there's a lot of story to draw from - but this movie blind-sided us with an odd and boring premise that takes up way too much time in setting up. Two young boys are in trouble all the time, kids hate school, the principal is very mean. The movie is a downer, utterly depressing - what a surprise, we really expected to laugh a lot! In the end, it seems to be more about the bromance between these two little boys (an oddly adult concept - when it's so easy to just make boys be unselfconscious friends, like actual kids) rather than being about a superhero and his crazy silly exploits. It's also crappy animation, with minimal facial expressions (beady eyes and chewy round noses) and very little set variation. The movie takes place in about 3 places. Clearly making this movie quickly mattered far more than creating a quality experience, as though we wouldn't notice what a piece of trash it is. Complete waste of time.
Adult Written byLflin June 11, 2017

Terrible message

This is not a movie I would normally choose to see, but we were invited for a birthday party. I hated this movie, but not because of the expected infantile humor. The smart character with glasses who doesn't understand the jokes is one of the villains simply because he doesn't think the main characters are funny. As the parent of a kid on the autism spectrum who often doesn't get the jokes, I think this is a terrible message to send to children.
Parent Written byFortnite G. February 21, 2018
I think it is stereo typical saying that kids like farts and underwear. This is the worst movie I have ever seen and is a wast of money and time. My kids hated it. Don’t even bother.
Parent Written byJ R September 6, 2017

A toilet-humor story with an agenda

This movie is rife low-class toilet humor. If you're into teaching your kids that kind of humor then this movie will be great for them. The concept is great as it uses kids imaginations. After that it encourages disrespect to authority figures and how to make the crassest of kid jokes. Leave this movie alone until your children start going through adolescence when this kind of behavior might be more natural to them. Don't teach them you're okay with this stuff early on. If you're willing to have a conversation with your kids about what you expect of them, then this movie might be okay for them to watch. Along that line of thought, be aware that the author of the Captain Underpants series in his most recent novel introduced the adult theme of sexual attraction. During a "time travel" moment one of the two main characters is introduced as having a husband. Whatever your personal views on that lifestyle, just be aware of it being broached and be prepared to talk to your kids about it if they're not already aware of it. It's a topic only you as a parent can decide on when is right age to discuss it. So don't get surprised by it in this author's work.
Adult Written bycdub June 6, 2017

It is what it is - infantile

Can I rate the educational value on a negative scale? No? Oh well. At least it's safe to bring your kids to this one. There's no violence -- they even do a clever cutaway during the only violent scene. It's just predictable and trite with nothing but poop gags and slapstick. But it barely needs a PG rating, so that is a welcome change from most kids movies of today. So, 2 stars instead of just 1.
Parent of a 2, 2, 2, 8, and 18+ year old Written byBizy June 8, 2019


This movie was better than I thought it would be but it is really interesting and Entertaining. is the new game on my way to school?

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent of a 6 year old Written byTampaJim May 30, 2019

Funny for little kids!

Funny movie. Even the little kids will laugh at the slapstick humor.
Parent of a 2 and 4 year old Written byTooMuchPopcorn May 26, 2019

Something kids can really laugh at

I was reluctant to buy this considering I didn't know anything about the comics, and it struck me as juvenile and sort of predictable. BUT, I gave it a chance and it turns out that it's really good - if your goal is to give your kids something they can genuinely laugh at. Adults can enjoy it too, but I think kids can enjoy it more. Good points: It's basically a friendship story, with scenes that emphasize the importance of friendship, sticking together, and perseverance. It's filled with goofy, good-natured fun. Gross ideas are played for laughs throughout the film, but that's sort of the point. Valuation of creativity, imagination, and art is shown throughout the film. If you have a kid who likes to draw, this might inspire them to make their own comic - who knows? The antagonists are characters with no sense of humor, while the protagonists are kids who love to laugh. There is a message here to not take life super-seriously, and that a lighthearted outlook is best. Not-so-good points: The only content I found questionable was a scene where Harrold (in an attempt to explain how mean Krupp is) makes a sketch of Krupp roasting a cat with a flamethrower. This is forgivable only because the drawing is covered with a "censored" label, and when George asks "Did that really happen?!" Harrold admits "Technically, no. But it may as well have!" I'm not so keen on introducing ideas about violence toward animals to young kids. Granted it's used to vilify, and recognized as a terrible act. Also, there is a comment about "jars of plucked out eyeballs" made by one of the boys speculating what they might find inside Krupp's house. Again, this is not imagery that young kids should be given. But maybe I'm just sensitive because I have a vivid imagination. All in all, the film is pretty innocent, and probably less dark/violent than your average Disney film. Whether you like this movie or not will depend on your sense of humor. I appreciate it for the fact that it's easy for kids to laugh at because the humor is simple and goofy. Too many kids movies these days are filled with jokes kids don't get - that are more enjoyable for the parents than the kids. This movie isn't so. It's really for the kids first, and hopefully the parents can laugh along too. My 4 and 1/2 year old laughed lots during this movie. I think it's best to show this to your kids while they're still easily amused by goofy, simple humor, mostly centered around bodily functions and undergarments. There will be plenty of time to "grow up" later. :-)
Adult Written byFlipflopfox March 28, 2019

Grooms children, disgusting.

Who would write this? Message is bad. It may sounds silly and harmless, but desenitizes kids showing grown man runing around in underwear as a hero and role model. Idea is perverse. Kids are very impressionable, they imitate, and depending on age do not fully grasp effects of media. Would you let your kid trick or treat as captain underpants? What if your kids' principal dressed like captain underpants to be funny? What about your kids playing dress up as captain underpants at their friend's house? Please monitor apps and shows, and YouTube your kids watch. Just because it is a cartoon or got a "kid rating," doesn't mean all content is appropriate.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byArrrrrrrrrr antwon November 26, 2018


I wanted professor poopypants to win.Not that I am on his side.
Adult Written byGamer4056 June 5, 2018

 Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie Parent Guide

Violence: Mild action. Rude humor: Kids throw stuff in classes like paper planes, water, spit balls and etc., Bad jokes are made about the planet called "Uranus" ("Uranus" is pronounced as "Your anus" for laughs), dangerous pranks are set up by George and Harold, George and Harold change what signs with sticker letters say, George and Harold make fun of Prof. Poopypants' last name and etc. Nudity: None really. Captain Underpants is almost naked. He only wears underpants and a curtain as a cape. Whenever George and Harold snap their fingers, Mr. Krupp gets into his underpants and cape thinking that he is a super hero from where there are only underpants (boy underpants and girl underpants which are known as "panties"), long Johns and bras. There is no sexual content. Great messages: There are some morals or life lessons in this movie.

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Positive Messages
Adult Written byPixarYesDoraNo L. June 1, 2018
Adult Written bysapphire_fire April 27, 2018

Looooove this so much!

My 11yr old daughter's review: Watched this movie with my seven year old brother during a long airplane flight. It was so funny and exciting... We both loved It. It shows the importance of having a good sense of humour, and is a very funny and cheerful movie with even the characters laughing all the time with us. The two main characters have a huge sense of humour, which is the foundation of their personality and friendship. They are always trying to prank the teachers to brighten up their dull school day. I don't think parents would consider them the BEST role models but they are really brave, apologetic and determined near the end. Overall, this was a really wonderful movie and I 100% recommend it!

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Positive role models
Parent of a 5 year old Written bySara V. March 5, 2018

This is not about a sense of humor ... but basic kindness

I regret letting my child watch this movie. The villain wants to rid the school of laughter because he has been ridiculed his entire life for his name (something he had no control over). The "moral" of the story is that the villain should "lighten up" because the villain's perception wasn't the children's intent. There is only a brief apology towards the end when one of the lead characters recognizes that perhaps they shouldn't have laughed at him. In a time we're trying to teach children -- especially boys -- the important difference between intent versus perception, this movie moves us all in the wrong direction. Rather than taking away laughter, what nearly all of the characters needed was a lesson in empathy.
Parent Written byinvolved p. October 14, 2017

Slapstick humor, no educational value

The main characters of this movie are 2 practical jokers who LOVE potty humor. They become friend laughing about the word Uranus over and over again, they laugh about Professor "Private". No real good life lessons to learn from this movie, they make fun of education and nerds, and make it seem like it's ok to play practical jokes even if it will hurt someone's feelings.
Parent Written byK B. July 24, 2017


Fans of the Captain Underpants book series will identify with this movie immediately. It's full of loveable characters, kid-friendly pranks, and a "touch" of potty humor. While the character's actions sometimes land them in tight spots, we really appreciated that the film stayed true to the books roots and inserted flip-o-rama style editing during action sequences. The writers managed to straddle the line between kid humor and adult humor effortlessly. One of the parts that we really appreciated was the sock-puppet imaginings. Our 5 year old loves this movie so much that when we listen to the soundtrack he dances around shouting "I take to the sky like an Ostrich!!!" He's also started writing and illustrating his own comic books, so the movie has inspired him creatively. Overall, this is fun for kids and adults. I understand some parents don't like the idea of a mean principle, or the potty humor, but in the end the movie teaches the value of friendship, creativity and caring for others. Looking forward to the next in the series!

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent Written byJacquie S. June 23, 2017

Good, Sweet & surprisingly funny

Our 6 year old daughter picked this movie. I was actually happy about how much she laughed. And I was surprised about how many times I smiled throughout the movie. Poop jokes... kids love them and us adults ... well we forgot how when we were kids how much silly fun there was about just about everything we could laugh or make fun of. I actually liked it way more than Cars 3.
Adult Written byYukiteru June 17, 2017

Nostalgic and Fun. If you loved the books, you'll love this movie!

I grew up with the series. As other reviewers have commented, there is lots of toilet humor. I think that shouldn't be a surprise. The characters were changed a bit. I saw some people complaining about Melvin's portrayal. He's a huge tattletale, which is the main reason George and Harold hate him. It wasn't portrayed the best in the movie. George and Harold are nicer. They are kids trying to have fun making comic books, but they go to a horrid school. To cheer others up and keep themselves from going insane, they play pranks on the teachers. I recommend showing your children the books first if they are interested in seeing this movie.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent Written byMary L. June 12, 2017

Silly harmless fun

I laughed out loud many times, even when my kids did not! It was a great afternoon for 4 kids aged 5-13. Silly harmless fun was just the treat this doctor ordered!!!