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Capturing the Friedmans

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age 14+

Very very very very very disturbing

Oh my GOD THIS MOVIE IS SO SAD AND DISTURBING but INCREDIBLY interesting and well done, its all about this man who like raped and sexually abused heaps of kids, including his own son, in the 80s, and ITS TRUE!! There was one bit where the man said he was being aroused by a 5 year old boy, and that was just too much, it really shows how horrible and sick and twisted people can be, and it shows thru video diaries and stuff how the family copes with the dad being a paedophile, there are no positive messages, there mostly all bad rolemodels except Dave and the Mum and some others but the main ones are really negative and bad, there is nothing shown of the abuse, but there is references to sodomy, oral rape, incest and other disturbing sexual issues. I think you really need to prepare yourself before seeing this, because its a really really disturbing and sad movie, and you need to be in the right mood. I think a mature 14 year old - 15 year old would be able to handle it, but not for people who are affected easily, as it is very very very very disturbing and confronting, but its also very good.

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Too much sex
Too much swearing